Posted by: Dahni | July 23, 2013

Go with Flow

By Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved


Two wolves met one morning to discuss the day’s possibilities. Without mentioning their color, backgrounds, personalities or sex, they are simply Go with Flow.

“Good morning Go!” 

“Mornin’ Flow, what’s on the menu today? 

“Whadda’ feel like Go, Mouton or Beef?” 

“Well Flow, I’m pretty hungry as I did not eat much yesterday.” 

“Really Go, and why is that? 

“I miscalculated yesterday. You know how the sheeple all follow each other. Well, yesterday, they were all protesting something. So I figured it would be easy picking to go to their homes and get their lambs, but they took the lambs to the protests with them.” 

“Wow Go, you must be starving? But you should’ve known, you can’t find one without all of them!” 

“Yeah Flow, you’re right, the sheeple are pretty stupid. It’s the same thing with the herd.” 

“Go, if these dumb animals ever figure it out, we’d starve a lot!”

“Like that’s gonna ever happen Flow!” LMAO

Meanwhile, as the sheeple gather to discuss their activities for the day. Two sheep named Right and Wrong, start their own conversation. 

“Hi yah Right, what’s shaking?” 

“My tail Wrong, top of the morning to you.” LOL

“What do you want to do today Wrong?”

“Do you see those two wolves up yonder on that hill, Right? They look like they’re staring at us. Let’s go check them out and demand that they stop chasing and eating us.”

“Sounds like a plan Wrong. Let’s go.”

Before long, a couple of other sheeple decided to follow Right and Wrong. Then a few more and then finally, all the rest were just blindly following.

“Hey Go, are you believing this?”

“Wow Flow, these sheeple are really dumb, they are heading right for us!”

Now there was a herd of cattle close by and they saw the sheeple heading towards the wolves. Two of them were named, Everybody and Else.

“Hey, Else, look at all the sheeple!”

“Yeah, Everybody, let”s follow along!”

Soon Everybody, Else and the whole herd followed the sheeple.

“Go, get the salt and pepper ready, here comes breakfast!”

“Flow, this is awesome, I’m thinking sheeple and herd omelets!!!” DROOLING & WIDE EYED

It’s really easy to do the WRONG thing and go with the flow, especially if everybody else is doing it.

It should be easier to do the RIGHT thing, even if if no one else will!

Just I-Magine,


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