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Řeka Vítr

by Dahni
© 2014, all rights reserved
Alone atop of your hill
Standing still
you can fill
the trill[1] of it
River Wind my foe or friend
Lying down upon the shore
with want of more
what blindness lies in store
what vision lies within your core
River Wind my foe or friend
Light and airy
dark and scary
my dreams do you carry
or away will you ferry
River Wind my foe or friend
You descend in the night
arise at morning’s light
from depth to height
you give flight
River Wind my foe or friend
You gently bend and break the trees
You rustle in the leaves
You are cool in the breeze
You are the ebb and flow of all the seas
River Wind my foe or friend
I bow whenever you come my way
and kneel before your stay
You are my night and my day
You give and take my breath away
River Wind my foe or friend
You swirl
and twirl
You hurl
and curl
You make the mighty mourn
You toss and turn
You melt and burn
River Wind my foe or friend
In heaven; on earth you soar
in earth and rock and soul you bore
break the soul’s window; slam the life’s door
age and crumble, weather and tumble
white and frost and hoar
River Wind my foe or friend
You sail me to the heights
and fill me with delights
and wrestle and fight
and empty me into, the soul’s dark night
River Wind my foe or friend
You are hard as rock and stone
You are the notes, the lyrics and tone
that cause the joy and cause the moan
You lift and sift and purge and hone
You pierce clean through the skin and bone
River Wind my foe or friend
Shall I fall to pieces at your force
Shall I rise to take some other course
And make you; keep you foe til’ my end
Or let you in and call you friend
For you are wind and breath and my soul touched by unseen spirit
that I cannot see, touch, smell, taste or hear it
I cannot capture, contain, subdue or harness one single bit
but I can will to flow, whenever and where ever you flit
water tows
fire goes
earth sows
space and time and thought and an idea flows
wind knows
all are equal in achieving
for all are breathing
River Wind you are our friend
Then my life, shall begin
And my life, shall surely end
River Wind with you my friend




My poem in part, was inspired in part, by the lyrics and music of perhaps the greatest Rock N’ Roll song of all time, ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ by Led Zeppelin. And my poem in part was inspired in part, by my own personal experience in observing the often swirling and unusual effects of the winds that frequent our home, on top of a hill. Even the word inspired or inspiration come from a compound word meaning, “in breathing,” or “in spirit action.”

It is my purpose and desire that you enjoy my poem and that it may be appreciated on many levels. I believe it is clear enough and easy to be understood on its face by almost anyone, by its rhymes and themes of earth, wind, fire, water and space or ideas – the fifth element. There are several meanings implied for the word “wind.” It may be understood as wind, breath, soul and even spirit. In the Bible, God is defined as Spirit and is often referred to as “wind” or “breeze.” The comparison of God (Spirit) to “wind,” is easy to grasp because, we cannot detect the wind by our five senses, we only know of its existence, by its effects. These effects are many and I have compared them with what we may know as, ‘the four elements.’

I wanted an interesting title for my poem (English – River Wind’) to call the attention of the reader. Perhaps you have never thought of the wind as being like a river or a river being like the wind? Fire and earth are also paired with water and air. To further draw our attention, I looked at other languages for the English words: “water (river) and “wind.” I settled upon the Czech words, Řeka (pronounced ree -kah = river) and Vítr (pronounced vee ter = wind).

The history of Czechoslovakia and its language is perhaps ancient. But it became a sovereign state that existed from October 1918, when it declared its independence, until January 1,1993. Like the wind and the winds of change, Czechoslovakia may no longer exist, but the Czechs and the Slovaks and the similarities of their language with its sound clusters, still do. Like the wind, Czechoslovakia blew with the winds of upheaval. We see it no more, but all we are really talking about here are invisible and imaginary boundaries and the nearly constant, come and go of ever changing politics. Like the wind, we may see Czechoslovakia no more, but its effects are everywhere upon this planet. It is in language, culture and all of life, whether it is seen and understood or not.  Their sound clusters and similar sounding words relate to earth, wind, fire, water and space or thoughts or ideas.

Ancient Greek philosophers as Empedocles and Aristotle, recognized all matter as being made up of ‘four elements,’ earth, wind, fire and water.

 “One can argue that the concept of the four elements is more the intellectual property of the ancient Slavs than of the ancient Greeks. In Slavic languages the words for the four elements have a conspicuous and uncanny phonetic consistency. All of the Slavic languages have very similar words for the four elements with only very minor differences in pronunciation. Please note how the Czech word for “WIND” “VÍTR” resembles the English word “WATER”. Also, please note how the Czech word “VATRA” (CAMPFIRE) [fire] resembles the English word  “WATER”. With a slight rearrangement of sounds and letters we see that TVRDA (HARD) [earth] also joins the WATER, VÍTR, VATRA family.”

 excerpts from ‘Four Elements’ – The Four Elements Of The Ancient World As Seen Through The Eyes Of Ancient Slavs, by Petr Jandacek [Compiled 2001. Last modified 2008.] source:

vitr = wind
vatra = fire
tvrda = earth
vatra = water 



Another Czech or Slavic related word for space (the fifth element) is veder. This word later was to the Greeks, aether.

According to ancient and medieval science, aether (Greek αἰθήρ aithēr), also spelled æther or “ether,” is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere, which is the celestial.

So all five elements are implied in my poem and each as separate forces. But they are also intended to suggest that they are together, equal; one and the same. Forces and things all do what they are intended to do. It is all that they can do. But we humans are unique above all other creatures in that we can not only adapt and change, we can will in exercising, our freedom of will.

God as creator is said, to be omnificent (all powerful) and omnipresent (everywhere present). He is above, beyond, upon, over, through and under, but His intended place for dwelling is within. The five elements or powers or forces may only destroy if we by our freedom of will, try and resist, run from or way from or seek to overcome. In that choice, we are overcome by the thoughts that lead us towards the actions we take. Even to do nothing, an inaction is, an action.

We choose our own direction and our own destination. We should be proud of this in which we each are so endowed and equal, but also humbled by its truth. Equality? Equal with God the creator?

“Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.”

 Philippians 2:6-8 King James Version

   The above verses are referring to Jesus Christ. What of his brothers and sisters? What of you and I?

“Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.”

 I John 4:17 King James Version

I may one day set this poem to music, but I did not set out to rock your world or to roll you or to write another rock N’ Roll song for the ages. We all have often run from something or towards something. We find ourselves in this modern, technological and blinding fast world in which we dwell, rushing like the wind, away from the wind and against the wind. And by theses we can bend and break, flow and flood, steady or become unmovable, be warmed by and burn out and burn up. It is our ideas, our thoughts that determine our actions and bring us before the freedom feet of results or before the shackles of our self-made consequences. But of the extremes of running away from life or running to find our lives, if we make Řeka Vítr (River Wind) our  friend, we become equal. And this is as the Latin word educatus – “to lead out, to lead forth!” Be the wind. Be in it. Be with it. Be within it and allow it to be within you. Be co-equal. Be a friend, your own best friend and to all those you ever shall meet.


Five Elements

[1] Urban Dictionary: Trill – An adjective used in hip-hop culture to describe someone who is considered to be well respected, coming from a combination of the words “true” and “real”.



Just I-Magine,


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