Posted by: Dahni | August 17, 2014

Carpe diem


“Seize the day”

by Dahni

© 2014, all rights reserved

Wolf Trap, Filene Center, Vienna, VA, August 15, 2014


I do NOT write this because, I am narcissistic, caring only to express my feelings, in love with my words and with the thoughts that you would care how my evening was spent. I make no pretense that my evening was better than yours or do I desire to make you feel sad or myself happier that I experienced something you did not. This is more about a place and a place in time of which I would share some encouragement; some inspiration, if it is possible for me to do so.

The night’s entertainment, it’s celebrated purpose and those it was shared with may be wholly unimportant to you. But this is about the place, the place in time, the sound, acoustics and the music that was stirred up, sung out and played out from the heart. When at a time that even the rains of the world seem to be on fire with sorrow and suffering, why would people gather here? It is in times like these that this makes the most sense of all! It is not a distraction from inconceivable and incomprehensible matters that may overwhelm us, it is medicine for a wearied soul and a reminder that in the midst of hell there is, some bright-hope-light among humanity and a reason that life is worth living, even when all around the whole of life seems as if it is dying.

All manner of people came, young, older, children, adults, men, and women of every conceivable economic status; some dressed to the hilt and some casually attired. Every color of skin and clothes imaginable, physical, mental and emotionally challenge, came with their multiple languages and ethnics and modes of transportation. Some came by foot, motorcycles, fancy cars, rusted vehicles, RV’s, buses, scooters, walkers and wheelchairs. They came alone, in pairs and groups. They ate at the Ovations Restaurant from a buffet fit for royalty. They ate at the bar, they picked up previously ordered picnic boxes and ate them from tables or blankets on the scenic grounds. Some brought their own food and drink. And all came and ate or waited on these grounds, the best that nature and human landscaping could provide, in an Eden in the country, just outside the concrete jungle of the city. They chatted and filed politely and quietly towards the center’s gates. The evening perfect – humidity, temperature and with a delicious and sweet gentle breeze, full of the scent of flowers and anticipation. The ushers were all volunteers that freely and enthusiastically each volunteered their time and warm welcomes. The ushers were all wearing either colorful ties or scarves with musical notes. And why not, it is after all, all about the music. People were here because they love music, the joy of its comfort, like the blankets many brought. The musicians love to play here because, they love music, the joy of musically quilting the blankets of music all of us came here for. There is food and seating for nearly ever budget, but together, the masses merge into a sea of oneness.

The gates opened precisely 1/2 hour before the concert began. We the people filed in or stayed upon the grounds on blankets, cushions, ground chairs, grass, and seats beneath the center, near the stage or box seats in the balcony. Everywhere we people sat was, a great seat to see and hear, experience and participate, play and perform. We all were drawn here and came here, for the music and the draw was mutual. We drew as much from the musicians and vocalists as they did from us. This is the most important reason why people love Wolf Trap! There are other reasons too. The venue was purposely designed large enough; yet small enough that every possible seat is a great seat to see and hear, experience and participate with the all of you. By far, it is not a large venue, but not so small either. On the grounds and underneath the canopy, Wolf Trap probably has a capacity seating, for around 7,000 sojourners of music or other soul entertainment, enrichment and enlightenment. It is an architectural marvel to behold and an acoustical engineering spectacle to experience. The interior roof supports the structure and balances, distributes and carries the sound to every ear within and without and as far away that sound can travel. Perhaps even miles away would also be, very excellent seats. Open large gaps in the interior walls are exposed to nature. Stars and moon and birds would drift by and curiously peek in as if they too, wanted to be among us. I even saw a butterfly land on a spot light near me and take it’s seat and waited with the rest of us for the music to begin.

The music began and you could feel it rise and spread and fill every space within this place and upon every face and enter into every heart, swirling there, rising, falling and abiding. This was more than what the music made, it was the new and unique music it was making, inside every soul. You could see it and feel it bounding and beaming upon and out from every face. I could not distinguish the separate notes or tell anyone what these face-notes were or recognize any familiar melody, but music is a universal language that is enjoyed by all. In these moments (a few hours) compared to the weariness of time of our daily trials and tribulations, time seemed suspended and yet still dynamic and fluid. We drank in every drop and danced fervently within, while motionless in our seats except, for the often cheers, applauds and standing ovations.

My ears and eyes and joints were not what they once were, but grateful for what I could see, hear and move. I was grateful for my seat in the clouds with a cover if it rained even though, there was no chance and it didn’t, but I saw and heard those on the grass and grounds with their many-colored blankets and would have loved to have joined them. It was not to have avoided my somewhat leg and butt cramping box seat or the sitting down on a blanket or grass that concerned me, but more so my aging body’s difficulty in getting back up. 🙂

I like my independence and alone time and love to watch people from afar, but I am also, a social creature. So was everyone else here even though, many and I were checking email and posting to social media and talking on our cell phones and using other portable devices. There is just something about real face-time and being together with others! Even though you may be with those you have chosen to be with at this place and place in time or cannot be with those you would, there is just something extraordinary about real face-time, even with strangers. But how are any one of them really all that strange, when you have in common, the same purpose, for being at this place and place in time.

I chatted with a young man that filmed most of the concert. I asked if he had ever been to a Yanni concert. This was his first. I asked if he had any of his albums (old word for CD’s, DVD’s and digital downloads). “Yes,” he said, “every one of them!” I’m not sure where he was from, but he drove here from Atlanta, GA because, that one was, for some reason, canceled. So he went online and found this one at Wolf Trap and there he was, sitting next to me. People talk to people when they have a lot in common. We did, it was music.

There are plenty of things that both you and I could be doing right now instead of reading this or considering your own trek to Wolf Trap and this is the point. We all have many things to do in our daily have-to’s and figuring out or implementing our how-to’s to get them all done. There will be plenty left to do, long after we have left our lives and left our what we-did’s. But why did we, do or will we do what we did and do? Isn’t our WHY’s, the passion and the love and the unity of purpose that separates us from all other life forms; unifies us and make us the beautiful and perfectly imperfect human race? Here at this place and at this place in time, education, language, color, creed, status, age, sex, party affiliation and even boundaries all disappear!

It is passion that brought each of us to this place and place in time. It was passion and heart and love that bought us this reprieve from our daily do’s of time. It was passion and heart and love that unified us. It was passion and heart and love that forced this force of music to have written it, arranged it and the many that performed it. And we witnessed there, the best drum, violin, trumpet, trombone, cello and harp solos perhaps ever in the history of music. It was passion, heart and love that drove them. It was passion, heart and love which was the purpose of this experience for each and every single person here. Passion, heart and love, this is our why for doing anything and everything we do or otherwise, there is little heat in the already fragile, precious and short-lived lives, that we truly, only have.

The music ended. We would not leave and the musicians would not either and played not one more encore or two, but three and probably would have stayed and played more, but everything is constrained by time and time moves forward and will not wait indefinitely. It just sometimes graces us with spaces in our places and in our place in time.

So whether you ever come and experience for yourselves, Wolf Trap or some other venue like it, somewhere in the world of your right now, or whether it is a concert, ballet, musical, pop, rock, country, classical or other music, come! Come now or come soon. There is just something special about people coming together! Music will do this. It draws, it breaks down walls that separates us and unifies us. Its secret ingredient is passion, heart and love. It is our why for being here and it strengthens, heals, comforts and sustains us in and through our many daily do’s and our how’s. We were made for passion, heart and love, to give it, receive it, immerse ourselves in it and share together in it beneath the canopy and within the center of our lives. 


Seize the day!

Just I-Magine,



  1. I was there. I am from Brazil and made this trip together with some fans and friends just to see Yanni and his orchestra. The venue is amazing and this is one of the concerts I will never forget. Thank you for making my day by reading your article

  2. Thank you.
    You are very welcome!
    Você é muito bem-vindo
    Carpe diem
    curta o momento 🙂


  3. Hi, I’m from Brazil and I was there with Alba and other friends. We traveled just to see the concert. Watching Yanni performing in that beautiful place was amazing and unforgetable. I loved your article, tks for sharing!
    hugs from Brazil

  4. Dahni, you put into words so beautifully everything I felt about that magical evening at the Yanni Concert in Vienna. I traveled a few hours with good friends to come to this location, as it is one of my favorite outdoor venues and the atmosphere there is wonderful. I had the pleasure of meeting many of his great fans that evening. I have attended a number of Yanni concerts and I am always impressed by the music & the audience he attracts. And as you so eloquently wrote, “It was passion and heart and love that unified us.” So true!

  5. I was there as well and this was my second time seeing Yanni at this venue – it was a perfect night and a perfect experience – somehow, I think Yanni thought so too – Beautifully written, Dahni 🙂

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