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Dusting Off Our Shelves

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Dusting off Our Shelves

Dusting off Our Shelves

Let us all be honest. Do you like dusting or getting older? Prob-ably not. I don’t, but both, because of time, become necessary,  from time to time. Time? It is really an abstract concept, but something all of us share, no matter our several differences or our ages. Whether we are young or getting older, it seems as if none of us have time, for dusting off the shelves of our lives.

Yes, time is a most curious matter. If it were not for the earth revolving around the sun by day and the moon’s revolving by night, we would not know of day or night, of years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. If not for these, we would not know the seasons of life, spring birth, summer’s maturing, fall’s harvest or winter’s rest. We would not know that all things have a beginning and an end, except for the tell-tale signs of weight and gravity and aging, wrinkling and decay. Without clocks or something or someone to remind us, how would we ever know it it is time to get up, go to sleep, to eat and do all the necessary things of life including, dusting off our shelves?

With all these many measure-rs, we believe that a single day has twenty-four hours. All of us have the same allotment of time for a single day. No one has more and no one has less. But then our differences begin to become clear. The young seem to have no time for tomorrow because, today is as if, it will not ever end. As we get older, we don’t think that the present is important because, we are waiting on tomorrow to arrive. And when we become older and have experienced much and hopefully, have become wiser, the present and the future are all next to impossible, as we try and cling to all that has mattered to us in the past. But young or older, we mostly, neither have desire nor time, to dust off the shelves of our lives.

It’s quite easy when we are young. We are too little to put stuff on our shelves or to dust them. Others read into us and write into us, our lives and leave reminders on our shelves. We learn of dusting when we see others, dusting off the shelves of our lives. As we get older, we add to our shelves our own stuff and from time to time, we dust off our shelves. We survey our dusty shelves. Some are ordered and some in disarray. There is stuff finished and unfinished; stuff started and stuff tossed aside for another day or just unimportant stuff, at least for the moment. The dust accumulates. It’s time to dust.

As the years go by, there is even more stuff and even more shelves, just to hold all our seemingly endless stuff. From time to time, the many books and scraps and fragmented stuff and whatnots, seem to bulge from overcrowding and bend from the weight of all our stuff and quite possibly, the amount of dust accumulated there, appear to be the weight that is weighing us down. So, from time to time, we dust the shelves of our lives, only to find that it is not the weight of the dust, it’s the weight of all our stuff!

We take inventory and ask, what is important, what do I keep? But my stuff is just this, my stuff, the stuff of my life. How do you get rid of your stuff, without letting go of your life? But still, OMG, all that stuff! So, I try and set some priorities because, my shelves are bending and doubt leads to worry and worry to fear creeps in that they just might break. Build more shelves? Out of room! Build a bigger room? No time! No money, no resources or means? Dust of the shelves of my life.

Look at them, I mean, really look at them. Why is all this stuff on my shelves in the first place? It is a combined effort of what others have placed on my shelves and what I put there. But the stuff that others put there, is it still important to me? What about the stuff I put there, is it still important to me? And where in the hell did all this dust come from? Oh, that stuff comes from somewhere else and from others, I guess. All this stuff is floating around and landing on my stuff, making all my stuff dusty. This dust is not my stuff, it’s ‘other’ stuff. Now if you saw all my stuff, you might think, WOW, look at all this dust and junk. If I saw all this dusty stuff on your shelves, I might think and say the same thing. So, to me, it might be your dusty junk, but it’s my dusty stuff on my shelves. It’s one of those from time to time, times, to dust of the shelves of my life!

Get some order, free-up some space and maybe that will equate to my having more free-time?

Oh look! A book. Did I read it? Do I read it often? Am I planning to read it again? How long have I been saying this; thinking this? Did I put it here to impress myself or others? Better keep it, you never know if or when it may be wanted or needed? Time to dust off the shelves of my life! Besides that…

…along comes this new or new and improved stuff and I just love this stuff. So I slam, jam and cram it in, in some way, somehow, with all my other stuff. Then along comes some more new stuff and I just absolutely have no space and no time, so it’s another one of those from time to time, times that it’s time to dust of f the shelves of my life and well, just get rid of what has now become junk, so, I have room, for all my stuff. Want some of my junk which can become your stuff? If I can’t sell it or loan it, rent it out or it’s not gratefully stolen, busted and broken and destroyed by nature and/or ill-will and reimbursed by my home-owners insurance, then perhaps I can just give my junk to you so, you can add it to your stuff? The only thing that seems to be constant is, the dust. Dust and dirt? Is this not that same stuff, the very same stuff, in which we are all made of and will most likely return to sometime?

But clearly, there is a difference between your junk and my stuff; your stuff and my junk. Sooner or later, the temple of memory becomes a prison cell, enslaving us to the tyranny of stuff.

And at my end, when strength weakens and memory fades; when all desire to collect stuff passes; when stepping stones become stumbling blocks; when ladders to climb become accidents looking for some place to fell me, and when overwhelm’ takes me, and I only think about from time to time, about dusting off the shelves of my life, then it becomes a matter not of memories stored on my shelves, what to keep, what to toss, but that I wouldn’t want you to have to dust off my shelves, after I’ve gone! And it becomes a matter of, what stuff should I leave to others? Somehow, I must find the strength and the will to dust off my shelves, ask others to help me dust or pay others to help me dust off the shelves of my life. But what of my stuff should I leave to others? Will they find my stuff valuable or to have any value? Or will it just become someone’s junk they then, have to deal with? That’s a lot of junk or stuff, accumulated over a lifetime of dusty shelves! Well, what do I have that I might leave to you; for you you, and with you?

What acts of kindness or kind words can I leave on my shelves for you? The shelves are just memories of what I’ve done, wanted to do, didn’t want to do, started but never finished. There is even a vast collection of my screwed-up junk! And how can you dust off hopes and dreams? Have you ever found your hopes and dreams on any shelf?

The only constant on the shelves of my life is the dust. And every time I do dust, the dust always comes back. Yes, if you dust, it will return. If you do not dust, more will come! And dusting really, all it really does is, spread the dust around. But it is a lot easier, quicker and simpler to dust when our stuff is not all that much and certainly not slammed, jammed and crammed into every possible space, crack and crevice! Oh yes, it’s a lot easier and faster to just dust daily, even if you are just spreading around the dust. Dust daily!

Spread some joy and laughter every day! Spread some kindness and kind words every day! Spread some hope and peace! Spread your hope and dreams! Spread landscapes, artscapes, fragrancescapes, touchscapes,wordscapes and soundscapes! Spread building-up-others-scapes, stengthscapes and carescapes! Most of all, spread love! Dust daily! Dust off the Shelves of Your life, every day and spread your dust around!

Dusting off the Shelves of Our Lives

Dusting off the Shelves of Our Lives



Just I-Magine,


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