Posted by: Dahni | January 6, 2015

Get it Out – Let it Out

by Dahni

© 2015, all rights reserved

Good Morning. I was up late – couldn’t sleep. Up early – could not stay asleep. I am under the weather at present. I probably need to get an appointment and see my physician ASAP. I’m sure this is a contributing factor in my restlessness.

But, I awoke out of dream. It was a good dream. I was the artistic director, an overseer (seeing over) some highly innovative and incredibly talented people. I was able to direct and inspire the best in others and bring all their contributions together in some awesome projects resulting in some wonderful finished works. It was a great job to me.

In my dream, the job was kind of like being the conductor of an orchestra. Conductors are the ones that begin the music and end it, control the rhythm, harmony and volume. Facing the orchestra, a conductor is the first person closest to the stage to hear and feel every note. Then I thought of you!

Do you have any idea how unique in all the world and how beautiful you are? Well, you are! You are all artists of your own lives and the artistic directors of your life. You are the musicians and instruments and the conductors of the orchestra of your lives.

In the end, it does not matter if we lead the parades of our lives, are in the parade or a participant of the parade, even if participating means standing on the sidelines, shouting for joy and clapping for appreciation, for celebrating LIFE. Most people love parades!

All these groups of people, band together for a single purpose. Each individual is just as important as any other. Each has a part to play – a contribution to make. Each are unique and beautiful as no two fingerprints or snowflakes are ever the same, neither are any one of  us EVER, exactly like any other!

Returning to the analogy of an orchestra, no two instruments are exactly alike. And the musicians that play them, no two have the same skill sets, talents or play them with the exact same passion. Each are unique and all are unique. And each alone can play all on their own, incredible, beautiful, unique and moving pieces that lead the ears and hearts to heights of glory and joy. How do you write and explain what happens when they all come together and play together? What else can I write, but these words – unique, incredible and something even more beautiful than the individual’s contribution!

But there is a key to this unique beauty becoming a reality. We need each other to be for ourselves and for each other, our individual and collected best. To get it out, we each must let it out!

You are the musician and song of Life, together, WE are the orchestra and the music of life

You are the musician and song of Life – WE are the orchestra and the music of life



Just I-Magine,


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