Posted by: Dahni | February 7, 2015


by Dahni


 Inspired by and dedicated to: Niña Incognita




In the twilight silent still

glazed and amazed at winter free

bare woods save one crow in a pinion tree

quiet breaks on yonder hill


first a few then a moving mass

hundreds of thousands come into view

visual poetry against the frosted blue

ever turning left as they pass


a lush symphony of the beautiful beating wing

partial migratory termors

the starling murmurs

and the aerial ballet they bring


each may turn as the other and that seems simple enough

but then rushed skyward by some genetic code they in unison agree

then roar and drop like black hailstones of every known degree

confusing any predator their numbers and movements rebuff


Then fill the skies as a light choking bilious black cloud

then disappear

and reappear

in silence, then low murmur and then to roar so loud


critical transitions poised to tip

like molten metals magnetized or liquids turn to gas

instantly transformed as they swirl and pass

in rise and fall and swirl and dip


such speed, so fluid and yet without a single collision

rising crescendo, then swooping; then across they cross the skies,

like a ribbon, wrapping around itself, before the eyes

and all with artful grace, a choreography of precision


such is this mesmerizing murmur

in synchronous beauty; in poetic motion

in general an all inclusive notion

temporal eye food, but there’s something firmer


You may turn and I may follow,

but we in unison, can form a firmer nation

with heart wings beating and the cry hollo


For WE are the most beautiful, murmuration



from the collection:
(the collection of poems by the same author that never had another name for the collection)


Just I-Magine,


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