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That’s What I heard

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By Dahni
© 2015, all rights reserved



Through the grapevine?

That’s What I heard. I heard it through the grapevine. But, when was the last time you really heard anything, through a grapevine? But –


That’s What I heard 


Being alone
and on your own
some detest and deplore it
and at ever possible, ignore it. 
But it’s good to socialize, especially in, inclement weather
and we tend by nature, to hang with birds of similar feather.
Now why, do we do this, yes, why, is this done?
All our differences lie, under the self-same sun!
So true, each are, special and strong and wholly unique,
but together even stronger – a storehouse, a shop, a boutique. 
Individuals grouped together,
withstand, survive and thrive the weather
and circling our wagons in defense,
we thwart the marshaled mounted offense.


Oh, we might look the same. but we’re not,
but it’s something similar that binds us and all we’ve got!
 But of the dangers, these things are true
and these dangers are, chiefly few.
They’re hard to find, if not together, in the self-same place,
but you cannot miss them if, they’re all in front of your face.
It’s easy, for a predator, to pick off a lonely stray
and they can’t be missed if, they’re all in the way.
What’s that familiar saying for this –
“Too big to hit or too big to miss?” 
Too big to what?

Too big to what?

 Intentional or not,
look at what, evil’s got.
They’ve corrupted the unified heart
and keep them together, by keeping them apart.
Would hold them; bind them in fear – right there
and simply go around them, or move them anywhere.
Now how’s this done, what is their plan?
False scenarios and misinformation can!
And when asked of the group, to give account,
“Can any of you, your why, recount?”
“Did you never ask questions, do you even wonder why?”
“Are you just going to keep doing this, until the day you die?”
“Without purpose are you together! Why this is, just absurd!”   
With one voice comes the answer – “Because, that’s what…


…i herd!”

From the collection:
‘As Weird as it Gets’ (“It gets weirder”) by the same author

Why does the group of zebras, each an individual, just stand together, without a plan? Is it not because, that’s just what they do? That’s just the way it is?

Do you know why, we circle our wagons?

Oh yes, WE are stronger together than separate and yes, WE defend our rights, but also, to protect the rights of those of the future that are in the middle; the heart of US. Isn’t life and liberty and happiness greater, than the single group of me, myself and i? And IF, it were not for WE, how long would it last or successful could, me-myself-and-i ever be?

Do you know why, the lion circles?

Is it not to avoid the trampling stampede; to sneak up on and pick off the outside? Is it not to start a stampede and pick off the strays? And yes, circling our wagons can make it harder, for the enemy to get in, but it can also, make it harder, for US to get out.

Circling our wagons can keep the enemy out and keep us inside

Circling our wagons can keep the enemy out and keep us inside

Circling the wagons is a last ditch effort. But if we have to, do we take flight or do WE fight! Wouldn’t it be far better, if WE just practiced being together, until we are forced to or WE have to?

Would you just prefer to, surrender to doing your own thing? Wouldn’t it be far better to stand together, so everyone could do their own thing?

Is it better to have died alone, having been forced to our knees? Or is it far better to have lived then died, standing together, on our feet?

But the circled wagons can also, hold back or at bay this evil. For just the sight of, or the image of, or the thought of – unity of purpose, scares the hell out of the enemy!

What enemy? What enemies?

Do you know why the lion roars?

Is it not to instill fear and freeze the prey in their tracks, before they attack and devour?

If the lion is the enemy, who is our greatest enemy? Is it not, the very government, WE the People empowered and limited, a long time ago? Is it not, the very media that WE  the People empower?

And so, our government and the media, separately and/or together, fill us with fear and keep us at home and WE watch TV and they sell us stuff we never knew we needed and then, they send out the messages that, “the coast is clear,” and then, we go out and buy the stuff they told us we needed and when we stop buying stuff, they start the whole thing, all over again, and again to infinity and beyond (or until we don’t even have enough money to watch TV)!

Now, WE are not zebras. And We are not being attacked by lions. But there is a reason why, no power that be or has been, has dared or dares to attack US, since WWII. And there is a reason why, the so-called ‘lone-wolf’ (or lion) is, here or on foreign soil against US. The enemy of Our enemy is, our enemy! i-herd or I heard?

Isn’t it time, WE the People, let the government, the media, business and advertising and marketing know, they work for US? WE the People are, the power! Isn’t it time to RESET the image of unity (our circled wagon) to the world and any potential enemy? Since WWII, no enemy has dared to attack our unity of purpose – Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! Just these three, made us the world’s greatest super power, the world has ever known! And this my dear family is, how to keep the enemy at bay and the world in peace!

But, wouldn’t this require individual thought? Yes, but also, unity of purpose – the circling of Our wagon!

e pluribus unum - "One out of Many"

e pluribus unum – “One out of Many”

Life has rules. Rules are not made to be broken, but to keep stuff from breaking. Remember the school-grade rule of English – “i before e, except after c?” Well, here is a rule for US, WE the People –

i before WE, but WE make it possible, for i2B


That’s what I heard.


Just I-Magine,


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