Posted by: Dahni | June 19, 2015

Interrelated and Incompatible

by Dahni
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All the mainstream media think they have a new ‘Climate Change’ champion in the Roman Catholic leader, Pope Francis. His lengthy encyclical (a papal letter sent to all bishops of the Roman Catholic Church) seems to suggest that he has signed on to the bought and paid for consensus of science that climate change is real and it is an entirely man-made world crisis. Most of these environmental wackos are Democrat Party leaning and liberal. This includes, pro-choice which is just a nice way of denying that one is pro-abortion.

People love to pick and choose whatever they want to believe and that fit their beliefs and agendas. But don’t get too exited about the Pope’s encyclical or as Mohhamed Ali called it, you could be in for a, “Rope-a-dope!”

Art by, Herbert Renard

Mohammad Ali suckered his opponents to wear themselves out by luring them into him, while he rested against the ropes and waited for the right moment to sucker-punch them.  Art by, Herbert Renard

An encyclical is primarily written for the bishops, but this pope not only wants every billion+ member of the Roman Catholic religion to read it, he would like everyone in the world to read it. I am not an R.C., but I did read it. I would suggest that you do the same. Here is the link to the full text:

or the shortened url from google:


“LAUDATO SI’, mi’ Signore” – “Praise be to you, my Lord”.


If you do not wish to read this in its entirety, I would at least like to draw your attention to –







  1. Since everything is interrelated, concern for the protection of nature is also incompatible with the justification of abortion. How can we genuinely teach the importance of concern for other vulnerable beings, however troublesome or inconvenient they may be, if we fail to protect a human embryo, even when its presence is uncomfortable and creates difficulties? “If personal and social sensitivity towards the acceptance of the new life is lost, then other forms of acceptance that are valuable for society also wither away” [97].

Note: Foot note #97 ID., from: Encyclical Letter Caritas in Veritate (29 June 2009), 28: AAS 101 (2009), 663.  by Pope Francis’ predecessor, Pope Benedict.

excerpt from encyclical by Pope Francis, May 24, 2015


What? Since everything is interrelated, concern for the protection of nature is also incompatible with the justification of abortion.” 

That particular statement as of 6/18/2015 to my knowledge, was only mentioned by the National Journal –

or the shortened url from google:

And, radio talk show hostm Rush Limbaugh –

or the shortened url from google:

Reactions to the initial poor reporting of this papal letter are exactly what one would expect from those that hold opposing views on climate change and abortion (pro-choice). Again, I advise everyone to read the entire letter, but if not, no one can escape the “incompatible” line above.

So, if you are trying to save the polar bears, porcupines, peonies and in essence the planet, according to this encyclical, you can NOT be pro-choice (pro-abortion) as that would be “incompatible” as, everything is interrelated!” 

Read what is written, all of it or at least the parts you do NOT agree with?




Just I-Magine,


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