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The Trump Card Part 1

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The Trump Card Part 1 of 5
by Dahni
© 2015, all rights reserved


I believe that I finally ‘get’ Donald J. Trump? Perhaps this series of posts will help you understand him better, as well? But, most know that he is running for president as a Republican. Most know he is a very wealthy businessman and is a celebrity for such television programs as, ‘The Apprentice’ and his association with top beauty pageants. But what about the name or the word ‘trump?’

The word “trump” derives from “trionfi” or “triumph”, Remember that definition of the word as you continue reading, “triumph.” But “trionfi” is documented as the name of a card game in 1529, which later evolved to other games and Trinfo was the original name of the card game from which tarot cards were designed.

In many card games, a trump card is a particular suit such as hearts. If your last card played was, say an ace, from any of the other suits, even the lowest card (a 2) of hearts would “trump” all others. Sometimes as in the game of ‘Spades,’ spades is designated as, the trump suit. If you continue to read, perhaps you will begin to see that Donald J. Trump is not only the “trump card” and the trump suit (spades), but he is holding all the cards!


Presidential politics and to choose a president of the United States is certainly NOT as simple as a game of cards nor should it be reduced to a card game! But again, remember the meaning of “trump” is to triumph! This is exactly what most of us want, to – triumph or have victory in our personal lives and for our country. This is a very serious matter! So, we need to have an understanding of the people that are running for the highest executive office in our country and in these series of posts particularly, Donald J. Trump (or as he is often called), “The Donald.” Along with the words “trump” and “triumph,” remember the word “executive” as in Chief Executive Officer (CEO), which every corporation has.


I find it a little strange that in our country, a businessman (an “executive) would be running for president. For one thing, I never really thought about government being a business. Whether it is or it’s not, it certainly has been run like one and be honest, it has been run poorly, for many, many years! And WE are teetering on the precipice of bankruptcy, financial ruin and WE could easily go over the edge into the abyss of oblivion and forgetfulness. I do not believe that was either an overstatement or something just to promote fear. This is, the current state of our government. We cannot continue to spend as we have with virtually nothing to show for it but debt! The bill will come due and that’s a fact!

Originally, government was designed to limit power. It was run like a not-for-profit business. There were no income taxes. Even the Supreme Court told the Congress that it was unconstitutional to tax the income of WE the People, but income could be taxed on those that work for the government. So the trick was to get US all on the government payroll. This is exactly what our government did! Don’t believe this? Look at the bottom of any IRS 1040 form where it reads: “under penalty of perjury…” That is a called a tacit oath and carries the same force as if you raised your right arm and swore or affirmed an oath. But I thought only the military, police, public servants and new citizens were required to take an oath? Apparently not. Do you work for the government? I don’t, but the government believes I do and you as well! Obviously, the government believed it required more money to operate. Go to the source. We used to be, the ONLY source. But the government really fixes nothing and still seems to think it needs more and more money, so it borrows from other countries and against the future of children that perhaps, haven’t even been thought about yet.

What are we to do? Did you also know that every one of us citizens are, “enemies of the state?” Look it up. We have been since 1933. Enemies of the state? This does not sound like the government works for us to me. Enemies of the state? Yep, and they can just come in without due process and seize us or whatever, whenever and without even a search warrant.

So, did this government grow to the largeness it is today because, the population grew? I don’t think so! Government grew to the size it is today, the largest employer in our country. Why? Because, it has been mostly because, our servants wanted it to grow. Yes, we each need to realize we each hold some of the responsibility too. WE have mostly given up and given in to where the government runs us. We serve it instead of it being the other way around. The truth, by the way, is, the government was designed and formed of US, by US and for US to serve US! WE were never supposed to serve the government!

Well, today, this business in a word is, corrupt (intentionally or not). But many of our presidents have been business people, including, our first president, George Washington. So it’s not surprising after all, a businessman would be running for president. And if government is a business and a corrupt business at that, who would be more qualified to fix it or run it than a successful businessman? And as his campaign slogan states — to, “Make America Great Again!”


“Make America Great Again?” Well, that’s pretty clear and simple. Some think its too simplistic; trite; been used before, all over the world (just change the country name); an unspecific? Mr. Trump himself, has empathized the word “Again,” in several speeches. The answer to WHY he’s running for president in part, was to a young child that asked him, “Why do you want to be president?” His simple answer was, “For You!” He went on to say, most of the adults in that room know what it was like to live in this country when it was great.” He told the child that he wanted him to grow up in a country where this was true for him and others as well. Donald Trump has said the emphasis is, on the word, “Again” because, we were once a great nation, the most powerful and prosperous country in the world. In my lifetime, I remember that! It’s not so much anymore. But is he just telling us what we want to hear or is this really his vision and his reason for running to — “Make America Great Again?”

OK, if you would want this country to be great again and or if you agree with this in part or in full, we need to understand as much as possible, about Donald J. Trump. Who is this person?

Trump is not only the “trump card” and the trump suit (spades), but he is holding all the cards!


Part 2


Just I-Magine,


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