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The Trump Card Part 2

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The Trump Card Part 2 of 5
by Dahni
© 2015, all rights reserved


TrumpCard4Trump is not only the “trump card” and the trump suit (spades), but he is holding all the cards!

Why would a successful businessman, a billionaire and one that earns what he makes (and it’s over many, many 10’s or hundreds of millions of dollar per year) want such a high pressured and low-paying job? Don’t want to accept his answer to a child “For you,” or his slogan, “Make America Great Again’? No, too simple, in our disappointed state, our distrust of politics, the media, and the rich, there surely must be another answer? Our cynicism cries out, “What’s his real agenda?” There are many opinions!

He’s not really going to run, it’s a publicity stunt. But he did announce and filed the necessary papers. Ooops! Next.

He will never fill out his financials. He did. Oh, they’re inflated? Ooops, forgot to figure in 200 of his companies. But so what, he filed and he is financing his own campaign. Ooops! Next.

Well, it’s just the Trump Show. It will pass. It hasn’t. Ooops! Next.

He’s not serious. This will pass. He will never get much support. He has and it continues to grow. Ooops! Next.

He has offended Mexico and the undocumented immigrants by saying, Mexico was sending bad people. Hmmm, it was true. And technically, they are not immigrants so they are aliens and since they are not here legally, they are illegal aliens. Well, Macy’s cut ties with him over that. Great. And I’ve cut ties with Macy’s. And Univision? He’s suing them for more than they would have paid, and they have no defense of their breach of contract. And a reservation in one of his hotels was canceled. He legally kept their deposit and re-sold the facility to someone else. On and on— over inflated reports and name dropping like NASCAR, but he still made out in re-booking. Ooops! Next.

OMG, Trump threw out the Walter Cronkite of the American Latino population, Univision’s anchor, Jorge Gilberto Ramos Ávalos from a press conference? No he didn’t, he was escorted out by security. Why, because he was rude and totally unprofessional. Donald Trump had called on someone to take their question, but Ramos, apparently could not wait his turn and kept trying to get his attention, out of turn. But he was allowed back in and Trump did take his questions and Ramos would not listen, let him finish or accept his answers. I’m sure Univision is trying nervously and desperately to spin this as they are their breach of contract lawsuit against them, from Trump for 500 million dollars. Oooops! Next.

He has offended women and attacked Megan Kelly. Oh, and what was her serious journalism question at the first Republican debate? It was about an episode of a reality show (scripted) and the woman did not remember the scene and said, Mr. Trump is a nice man and had always treated her with respect. That question would be similar to asking Judy Garland what OZ was really like. Hello, reality TV, script, entertainment. Ooops! Next.

Well, multiple wives then? Two were each a legal immigrant in route to legal citizenship. His previous wife Ivana said he never raped her and that he would make a great president. What about his daughter Ivanka? She seems to love and respect him? And in an interview, his current wife Melania said at home, they were equals. And women that work for him in many cases, earn more than men in similar jobs. Hmmm, maybe he pays according to their ability and what they produce? And out of the 100’s of thousands that have worked for him or that still do? Really, really incredible health care benefits for ALL his employees! Oh darn, he’s polling favorably among women too! Ooops! Next.

He offended the veterans? Really? Because he said John McCain was not a war hero? He wasn’t! And even McCain has admitted he was a reckless pilot = maybe he would not have been shot down and captured? John McCain was a hero because, he refused to be released as a prisoner of war BEFORE all those that were in the same camp, longer than he was, went home first. Trump has said on numerous occasions, he wants to re-build the military so that, no one even thinks about messing with us! And he has also said many times, when did we last see any kind of victory? This is what the military trains for, TO WIN, not lose or leave any behind. Maybe the military would appreciate this kind of commander and chief? Maybe they would be willing to even sacrifice themselves, if they knew we were— ‘In It To Win It?’ Women in the military? I don’t think he has a problem nor do I even in combat, but I’ll say this, women if they want to be in combat, it should be an all female units! Why? Why because, if it were me, I might try to help a woman first, before another man because, I was raised to treat women like this. This could be dangerous in combat with men and women mixed. It has nothing to do with their sex or ability!!!! And yes, Trump was miffed at McCain because, McCain called his own constitutes from Arizona, that attended Trump’s rally there, “a bunch of crazies.” I’d have been livid myself! Dangerous would he be for the military, not trustworthy, but—Ooops! Next.

He has no specifics? Build a wall? He can’t do that! Why, because it’s never been done? Where’s the money coming from? Mexico’s going to pay for it. How? Well, for one thing, if the illegals are deported, taxpayers won’t be paying for them here. That money could be used. What else? I don’t know, what about other governmental waste where much is spent and there is little to nothing to show for it? If we start charging Mexico for caring for their citizens, maybe they might stop allowing them to come over the border in the first place? And if we start charging them tariffs to bring in their stuff to our country, that money could certainly be used to build a wall. But still, it can’t be done? Why, because government always underestimates the time something takes and it always costs more? How many times has Donald Trump delivered building projects on-time and under budget? Hmm, maybe he really could pull this off! Ooops! Next.

Well, OK, he does seem to be speaking, for a certain group of people who are just fed up with Democrats and Republicans and politics in general, but that’s not mainstream. Really? Then why does his polling numbers continue to rise nationally and in most of the states he is visiting? Why has he pulled far ahead of the other candidates and is just about 6 points away from the leading Democrat? Ooops! Next.

He has no organization. He is getting organized in each state. Ooops! Next.

Well, it’s just a summer fling. All this will die down. And besides, Trump pulled a classic political blunder from which he will not recover from. He should have never rented that stadium in Mississippi? If you have 10 people, you rent a room for 5 so it looks like there is more than there really is? I guess ‘The Donald’ didn’t get the memo? Or maybe, he was just trying to accommodate as many people as possible that wanted to be there? It started with 2,500 and it had to be moved several times and finally settled on the 40,000 seat stadium. Oh, well see, he only had 20,000 (some estimate) and others estimate 30,000, but he didn’t fill the stadium. But Donald Trump never said there was 40,000, maybe 30,000. But guess what, no other candidate is drawing as many people anywhere, than is, Donald Trump! Ooops! Next.

Back to the Trump Show again? He’s just entertaining? He’s a braggart? He offends everyone. He will implode? First Republican Debate on Fox News? Biggest draw of a presidential candidate ever, anywhere! How many? 20+ million people tuned in to Fox News for the first Republican Debate (the later one). Who knows how many more would have watched online had Fox made it available, but no, you had to be a subscriber (sarcasm). Do they not understand many people have cut the TV cords and get all their news online? Well that was just a fluke? But no, he continues to draw more people, bigger crowds and continues to dominate ALL MEDIA! Oh, but no one else is getting that coverage! So what? Who makes the decisions to air Trump’s rallies and town hall meeting and etc. LIVE? Who makes those decisions? Is Donald Trump paying for this airtime? No it’s FREE! Why? He himself has said, “I’m a ratings machine.” See, there you go he bragging again? But really it’s true! He getting the coverage despite what the networks or any political party might think of him because, he is drawing audiences to their low-rating shows. It’s advertising dollars. More advertisers pay more because, more people are watching! Hmmm, FREE publicity? The Donald must be pretty smart, like he tells everyone he is (more about his intelligence in another post)? So, what did he say about his drawing power? He was thinking about having CNN (they are hosting the second debate in September)  and FOX News should pay him to show up because, he is driving people to them! He said in loo of paying him, they should donate millions of dollars to charity. No response from either network about that. But— Ooops! Next.

OK, OK, OK, he’s getting crowds. But not Democrats? That’s starting to change too. Ooops! Next.

OK, OK, OK, he does not seem to be going away, but he is going to turn off people from insulting them? But, he continues to draw, despite the media, consultants and the like, taking him out of context and misquoting what he says and even interpreting and adding words he has never said. Oh, what to do? We can’t ignore him, we need him for ratings! Oh what to do about The Donald? Pick a fight, he’s thinned skinned? Really? He’s taken everything that’s dished out and he’s still here and still drawing crowds and polling at about 28% as of today 8/28/15, and far above every other Republican candidate running for office! Ooops! Next.

Let’s attack his character? Oh, he’s given to Democrats? How could he be a Republican? He’s no conservative? He’s just a braggart with a big fat ego and, OMG, that hair! Let’s get the comics in on this BIG TIME! He’s un-realistic? He hasn’t a clue? Oh, I know, why so many changes Donald? See, see, you can’t trust him, he vacillates all the time? Well, the Donald has taken all the hair stuff in stride and his changing? He simply changed and involved. Ooops! Next.

Oh, he made a secret deal with Bill Clinton so Hillary can be the next president? Really, then why would he say that she was the worst Secretary of State, in the history of our country? Ooops! Next.

He buys people just like all the other lobbyists? And yes, he said it’s a corrupt system! He goes after what he wants and usually gets it? Ooops! Next.

There is no way he’s going to win the Republican nomination? He’s out polling them all! So there was a shift. First with Fox News trying to get him to agree to support the Republican nominee and not run as a third-party candidate. Trump refused to agree. See, he’s a spoiler! That’s what he’s going to do? What did Trump say? He’s doing this for leverage. If the Republican Party tries to screw with him, he might run as a third-party candidate. But he want to run as a Republican. So, recently, the Republican Party wants to try to pin him down that he won’t run third-party. If he has not already done so, Donald Trump should refuse again for the same reason, for leverage. Leverage? Remember that word! I’m sure The Donald knows what has happened in the past with Ross Perot. I’m sure The Donald would not go this route unless he was confident that he could win the White House. The White House? OMG, is the Donald really, really serious? Oooops! Next.

OK, lets find some illegal aliens working for Trump? Could not find any? Ooops! Next.

OK, lets find at least one disgruntled supposed Latino Trump employee and broadcast a you tube video that concludes with him flipping off The Donald. But, that did not work too well and especially in light of the 1,000’s of Latino’s that he does employ and seem to love him? Ooops! Next.

OK, we get it, Donald Trump is going to make great deals or have others that can? But how? He won’t say. And he shouldn’t! If you want to make a deal or you need to send in the military, you start off with what you want to accomplish and know what the other side wants. You go after what you want from a position of strength! Even The Donald said, if they won’t give you want you want, you walk away. The last thing you want to broadcast to the other side or the enemy is, what, when and how you going to come! It’s called, LEVERAGE! Ooops! Next.

Alright, let’s get serious! Donald Trump is on the rise, he won’t go away, we can’t shut him up, ignore him, criticise, condemn, complain about or make fun him. OK, so let’s scare the hell out of everyone? Donald Trump is running for president because, he wants the power? So, in times of great trouble in our country right now, are we willing to give it to him? Hey, that sounds like CNN’s Republican consultant, Rick Wilson! Republican consultant? He sounds more like he is trying to get a Democrat elected to the White House. Check out what he says on CNN. Check out his often vile tweets on Twitter. This guy sounds crazier than the crazy he tries to make Trump out as! If I were CNN, I’d cut my losses and let him go! Scare everyone? Does not seem to be working as “Make America Great Again,” just keeps growing and growing and going and going like that Energizer Bunny. Once again—Ooops! Next.

What next? There is no next! It’s all up to Donald Trump how he proceeds, what he says and what he does. And of all the opinions (and there are many, many more), HOW is this Donald Trump phenomenon possible? Here is the real simple answer to what to look for. Think not about who you think he is. Do not even think about who he says he is. Look to what he has done and what he does. This provides a clear idea of what he will do in the future!

What has he done? Who is Donald Trump really?

Trump is not only the “trump card” and the trump suit (spades), but he is holding all the cards!


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