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The Trump Card Part 3

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The Trump Card Part 3 of 5
by Dahni
© 2015, all rights reserved


Donald Trump is not only the “trump card” and the trump suit (spades), but he is holding all the cards!

Right now there seems to be three groups of people who opine who Donald Trump is. There are those that are obviously, for him. There are those that criticize and ridicule him. The last group has no clue of what to think about or make of him and not knowing, what to do about him. He seems to be writing the agenda, making all his own rules and almost seems to defy the gravity of expectations. How is it that he has gotten do far? In a recent focus group conducted by Frank Luntz, (a contributor of Fox News) in sum and substance, the people for Trump were sick and tired of Republicans and Democrats crapping on them, only to come back around, wanting their votes again. They see something different in Donald Trump and he seems to speak or publicly voice what they think and believe. And that’s why they are for Trump. The following image captures this sentiment perfectly.


I too, am fed up with political correctness. People died that we may be able to speak freely. That T-shirt is certainly what I think and have thought, for some time. I am glad that more people are realizing that for the most part, there ISN’T a two-party system, at least in practice. There appears to NOT be a dime’s difference between them. Most are all thick as thieves and corrupt, intentionally or not. But as a writer, it is my choice to use what words I want to write and the images I want to display. I covered over, two letters on the T-shirt, on purpose. It’s pretty obvious what they are. I’m not opposed to a choice and apropos, perfectly placed expletive on occasion, but I just happen to believe in writing publicly and speaking publicly, I don’t have to always use this kind of language. Donald Trump speaks his mind. He is speaking what many are thinking. This is why so many people are connecting to him! The silent majority is, waking up! Waking up to the fact that we too are, responsible for our country. We too, have contributed to its decline and its decay. How?

“If the spirit of the ruler rise up against thee, leave not thy place; for yielding pacifieth great offences.”

Ecclesiastes 10:4 The Bible, King Jame Version (KJV)

Our servants have and are acting like rulers and have risen up against our Lives, Liberties and the Pursuit of Our Happiness. We must not leave! We must no longer yield and sit idly by anymore, being passive, for in so doing— WE are allowing these great offenses! No more! WE must fight to—

“Make America Great Again!”

Yes, that is Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, but why can’t it be all of ours? And just in case you are wondering, I have not made up my mind about voting for Donald Trump, but I am making up my mind! I’m studying, researching, listening and watching. So should you be! But who is Donald Trump? Yes, who is he really?

Here is a general statement that is mostly true. We are to one degree or another, all emotional creatures. We have a tendency to ridicule, criticize, condemn, complain and are envious of and jealous of and even fear, what we do not understand. So who is Donald Trump? Let’s delve into his character and intelligence.

Let’s start with something easy, personality. Hippocrates, the ‘Father of Medicine,’ centuries ago, developed a theory called, ‘The Four Temperaments.’ Although in medicine and biochemistry this theory is not accepted, on the subject of personality, its generalities are quite telling. Based on Hippocrates’ Four Temperaments, the still popular and much used work called— ‘Personality Plus’ was written by, Florence Littauer.

Powerful Cholerics are considered to be leader and commander types, being dominant, strong, decisive, and may appear to be arrogant. They tend to be good leaders because, they are driven to get things done, however they might offend some people along the way. Cholerics are also known as the “POWERFUL” type. Some famous examples are Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil, Bill Gates, Bill ‘Reilly. and yes, Donald Trump.

Perfect Melancholy personality types are described as the mental types, with their personality displaying a strong emphasis on thinking, evaluation, and assessment. Their typical behavior involves thinking, assessing, making lists, evaluating the positives and negatives, and general analysis of facts. They love maps, charts and graphs. They are usually the most intelligent of the four types, however they tend to dwell on details. A Melancholy is a planner, making sure things happen, although sometimes they can paralyze themselves with over-analysis. Lists and “doing things the right way” are characteristics of this personality type. Melancholics are also known as the “Perfect” type. Some famous examples are Hillary Clinton, Ernest Hemingway, Vincent Van Gogh and Beethoven. Although Hillary is highly intelligent and smarter than Bill, neither she or he are a genius. But Donald Trump is.

Popular Sanguines are a social personality type, displaying characteristics such as a predisposition to socialize and entertain. They enjoy fun, socializing, chatting, telling stories – and are fond of promising the world, because that’s the friendly thing to do. A Sanguine gets on well with people and can get others excited about issues, but cannot always be relied upon to get things done. They love interacting with others and play the role of the entertainer or center of attention in group interactions. They have a tendency to over-promise and under-deliver. Sanguines are also known as the “Popular” type. If you want to get happy or need cheering up, hang out with a Sanguine. Some famous examples are Bill Clinton, Robin Williams, Kelly Ripa and Richard Simmons.

Peaceful Phlegmatics are described as having a flat-type personality, being laid back and desiring a peaceful environment above all else. They are easy-going, laid back, nonchalant, un-excitable and relaxed. They desire a quiet and peaceful environment above all else. They tend not to actively upset people, but their indifference may frustrate people. They try not to make decisions, and generally go for the status quo. They are good as mediators because, they don’t usually have many enemies. They also have a “dry” and quick sense of humor. Phlegmatics are also known as the “Peaceful” type. If you need comforting, Phlegmatic are like Mommy or Daddy, grandma or grandpa (some close family member), a trusted oasis,  a big comfortable chair were you can be loved, be yourself and just get re-charged. Some famous examples are Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Rogers, Mother Theresa, Rosa Parks and Princess Diana.

None of these types are specifically described as being positive or negative – hence the combination of positive and negative adjectives (i.e. “Powerful” with “Choleric”). They each have upsides and downsides. The characteristics are for observing and identifying, rather than judging.

Although there can be combinations among the four personality types, each of us have a tendency to be dominated by one of these, ‘Four Temperaments.’ These differences among us don’t make us all crazy and we should NOT try to change anyone to be like us, but rather learn to understand these differences and embrace them because, we all need each other!

So, Donald Trump is, a genius and his personality type is that of a Powerful Choleric. But IQ and personality is not, the whole thing. It’s not what we think he is or even what he thinks he is that defines him, but what does he do?

Next time, let us look at what he does.

Donald Trump is not only the “trump card” and the trump suit (spades), but he is holding all the cards!




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