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The Trump Card Part 4

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The Trump Card Part 4 of 5
by Dahni
© 2015, all rights reserved


Donald Trump is not only the “trump card” and the trump suit (spades), but he is holding all the cards!

Donald Trump often says he graduated from the Wharton School of Business and that he is “really smart.” Many people think he is just bragging and self-centered when he says this and often. But consider this, what if he really did graduate from Wharton and he is, “really smart?” If you say you can jump over a building and can, that’s not bragging, it’s a fact. And his own answer as to why he continues to say these things is because, “we need this type of mentality, to make America Great Again.” Does he have it?

Considering the requirements for admission to the Wharton School of Business when he attended then and now, there is a way to estimate IQ from SAT test scores, required for admission into Wharton. Though Mr. Trump has not publicly released his transcripts and there is nothing to indicate that his GPA (grade point average) was anything spectacular, that he was ever well-known while attending or that he graduated with any honors, he did sufficient work to graduate with a BA in business and a minor in anthropology. Business? No surprise there, but anthropology? Isn’t anthropology the study of humanity? Yes.

But, Donald Trump went to Wharton, he did what he had to do, to at least keep up his minimum grades and all the while, he continued to work in his father’s business. Some would argue that his father got him into Wharton. But even if this were so, he still had to meet their minimum requirements which were then based on SAT scores. And he still had to keep his grades up to an acceptable minimum to graduate. Estimating his IQ from the minimum SAT scores required, Donald J. Trump has at least a 156 IQ, minimum.

To give some perspective on his IQ, the MENSA society requires a far lower IQ for membership. MENSA members would be around 1 out of 70 people. Donald J. Trump with am IQ of 156 would qualify to be a member of The Triple Nine Society. This percentile is 99.9?????. This means, his IQ is greater than 99.9???% of all the people in the entire world!

What do all the following people have in common with, Donald J. Trump?

Plato, Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Marylyn Vos Savant,
Benjamin Franklin, Bill Gates, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln,
Thomas Jefferson, Jimmy Carter, John Quincy Adams, Joseph Haydn, Mozart, Michelangelo, Sigmund Freud, Sharon Stone (actor), Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Stephen Hawking (theoretical physicist and cosmologist)

What this incomplete list of people all have in common is, their IQ’s make them each, a genius.

The standard description of this level of intelligence is, “Genius – Exceptional intellectual ability and capable of looking beyond known facts.” A genius has an IQ of 145 or above. Yes, Donald J. Trump is, a genius! Now IQ alone does not tell the full story.

“People with this kind of intellectual ability can do things with their minds that can’t even be described to ordinary people. Remember that quote from the above paragraph, “capable of looking beyond known facts? These highly intelligent minds process and organize data into solutions and insights, and the individual person is not even consciously aware of the process. The cartoon light bulb that goes on over someone’s head happens to people like Mr. Trump on a regular basis. I would not be surprised if Mr Trump’s IQ actually measures significantly higher than the minimum estimate mentioned above.”

excerpt from: ‘Donald Trump is a Genius – But That’s Just His IQ!’ August 1, 2015

Donald J. Trump is a brilliant and self-actualizing man. Self actualizing, isn’t a state of personality to be achieved, but rather the individual is in the process of becoming their best self.

“Donald Trump’s observable behavior informs us about the degree to which he is “self actualizing.” Quote from a Psychology Professor I once had; “People are not who you think they are. People are not who they think they are. People are what they do. That is why this is called a behavioral science.” Forget the labels. They are all misleading. Pay attention to the behavior.”

excerpts from: ‘Donald Trump is a Genius – But That’s Just His IQ!’ August 1, 2015

Abraham Maslow, an American Psychologist and philosopher, spent the better part of his professional career trying to identify what is right about people rather than pathology. He is best known for his theory of self-actualization. What follows are some of the traits of a self-actualizing person from his research and as it applies to Donald Trump.

•Non conformists and inner-directed. If a cultural norm is contrary to their personal values, they will not adhere to it.

•Most always loners, or leaders. They are never joiners.

•They are creative.

“This is a universal characteristic of all the people studied or observed. There is no exception. This creativeness appears in some of our subjects not in the usual forms of writing books, composing music, or producing artistic objects … It is as if this special type of creativeness being an expression of healthy personality is projected out upon the world, or touches whatever activity the person is engaged in. In this sense there can be creative shoemakers or carpenters or clerks. This creativity comes from the fact that self-actualizers are more open to experience and more spontaneous in their feelings.”

Abraham Maslow

•They are autonomous and therefore tend to be independent of their environment.

•Self-actualizers are more dependent on their inner world rather than the outside world. Rather than the need to be gratified by being loved, feeling safe, being respected, having prestige and a sense of belonging, they are growth motivated and having these come from others may actually hinder their inner compass. Satisfaction and growth for them mostly come from within rather than social interaction.

“They have become strong enough to be independent of the good opinion of other people, or even of their affection. The honors, the status, the rewards, the popularity, the prestige and the love others can bestow must have become less important than self-development and inner growth.”

Abraham Maslow

“Donald Trump frequently does not plan what he is going to say or perhaps, not even prepare for debate. His strategy is to be authentic.”

excerpts from: ‘Donald Trump is a Genius – But That’s Just His IQ!’ August 1, 2015

•They have a strong ethical sense. Although their notions of right and wrong are often unconventional, self-actualizers, nonetheless almost always know the ethical implications of their own actions.

“Right and wrong (good and evil) are part of every decision Donald makes.”

excerpts from: ‘Donald Trump is a Genius – But That’s Just His IQ!’ August 1, 2015

•They tend to accept democratic values
•Self-actualizers do not respond to individuals on the basis of race, status or religion. They can be and are friendly with anyone of suitable character regardless of class, education, political belief, race or color. As a matter of fact, it often seems as if they are not even aware of these differences, which are for the average person so obvious and important.

“Donald is as likely to treat his chauffeur or secretary
as equitably as CEOs or politicians.”

excerpts from: ‘Donald Trump is a Genius – But That’s Just His IQ!’ August 1, 2015

•They tend to identify with all of mankind. The concerns that self-actualizers have for other people do not extend only to their friends and family, but to all people in all cultures throughout the world. This feeling of brotherhood extends also to individuals who are aggressive, inconsiderate, or otherwise foolish. Self-actualizers have a genuine desire to help the human race.

“Donald consistently shows a universality of concern for all people.”

excerpts from: ‘Donald Trump is a Genius – But That’s Just His IQ!’ August 1, 2015

•They exhibit spontaneity, simplicity and naturalness.

•Self-actualizers tend to be true to their feelings; what they really feel they tend to say and/or experience. They do not hide behind a mask, and do not act in accordance with social roles. They are true to themselves, speaking candidly and authentically.

“One of the traits that makes Donald so popular with voters is that he is “real.”

excerpts from: ‘Donald Trump is a Genius – But That’s Just His IQ!’ August 1, 2015

For the same reasons that people don’t understand him are the same reasons people gravitate towards Donald Trump. He speaks his mind rather than some political correct speech and many connect to him because, he expresses in ways in which they can understand and that they think and feel themselves. Maybe it was possible to say that people just wanted to see the ‘Trump Show’ or these were just some of the ‘crazies’ as was reported that he was drawing. But by now, the numbers continue to grow and he is winning about 28% in some polls and in some cases, he is beating the other party candidates. You can’t say anymore that 28% are just the “crazies.” And he is drawing from all over and resonating with people who for the most part, don’t trust any of the parties!

He is rich and he keeps on telling people that he is. Many people don’t trust the rich because, they believe the rich are both corrupt and corrupting. But he tells us the same system that he has used to accumulate wealth is, a corrupt system. He’s rich enough that he can fund his own campaign and accepts no self-interest money. He owes no one and will not get into anyone’s pocket. He owes no favors and plans on keeping it this way. People are starting to connect the dots with Donald Trump and if there are jobs and prosperity again in the USA, maybe they can become rich too. Maybe it is, OK to be rich? I think Trump wrote a book about wanting everyone to be rich. Actually he wrote or co-authored several! So far, he has not cost the taxpayers anything! He wheels and he deals and in the end, he generally makes money, lots of money. A young man asked him, “Do you ever fail?” The Donald replied, “Not very often.” He builds things, lots of things and they are often on-time and under budget. Most of us would think that his ability to make money is, uncanny. For Donald Trump, this is just the mind-set of this genius and what he does. And once again, it is not what we may think about him or even what he thinks about himself that defines him, but what does he do?

What if he could, actually—

“Make America Great Again”

Donald Trump is not only the “trump card” and the trump suit (spades), but he is holding all the cards!



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Just I-Magine,


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