Posted by: Dahni | September 3, 2015

The Trump Card Part 5

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The Trump Card Part 5 of 5
by Dahni
© 2015, all rights reserved


TrumpCard4Donald Trump is not only the “trump card” and the trump suit (spades), but he is holding all the cards!

A young man asked him, “Do you ever fail?” The Donald replied, “Not very often.” He builds things, lots of things and they are often on-time and under budget. Most of us would think that his ability to make money is, uncanny. For Donald Trump, this is just the mind-set of this genius and what he does. And once again, it is not what we may think about him or even what he thinks about himself that defines him, but what does he do?

What if he could, actually—

“Make America Great Again”

Like him or not, he is not just holding an Ace, he is the Ace and not just any Ace, but the Trump Ace. Why? Donald Trump is not only continuing to poll higher and higher and drawing more and more people, he is setting the agenda. And what is that? Beyond immigration, women’s rights, the military and all other issues people find important, he speaks for many that are absolutely disgusted with the two-party corrupt system of Washington politics. He has turned political correctness upside down and made the freedom of speech important again. And what is he saying? Our country is broken. It is due to a corrupt system. He knows it well because, he has had to work with it and still has been successful. Has he failed? Yes, but not often. He once was bleeding about 900 million dollars in debt, but he turned that around into an International company worth billions of dollars with very little debt. He even wrote a book called, ‘The Art of the Comeback.’ He knows HOW to get out of debt. He knows how to deal. And most of all, he knows, everything WE the People are interested in and concerned about centers on the economy! If there are better deals being made, this would mean more jobs and better paying jobs. More and better paying jobs means more prosperity, less need for welfare, more tax revenue, less waste and more money to take care of our truly needful people, debt, increase the military strength and all the other things we need, to be great again.

If you think he is a braggart, a buffoon, a joke or just an un-serious; ego-centrist little joker, then he not only holds the little joker; he is the lil’ joker and the Trump little joker. And he holds the big joker too, the Trump big joker. TrumpCard11

Anyone that has underestimated Donald Trump has found themselves becoming the blunt of the joke and losing out to either the little or the big joker Trump card. Fox News tried to pin him down to agreeing not to run as a third-party candidate. He refused and it was not Fox News that had the right to ask him. Recently, the GOP sent out pledges to all its candidates to pledge not to run as a third-party candidate. As the trending Twitter hashtag suggests, #DontTakeThePledgeTrump! Does it sound like the GOP is concerned about anyone other than Donald Trump? NO! Are they really trying to keep their party strong or are they afraid Trump might run as a third-party? Does the GOP believe that Donald Trump can be the Republican nominee, for president of the United States? Probably not, but they are sure worried that he might run third-party and lose the election to the Democrats in November 2016. Really? If they lose, they lose, not because of Donald Trump! And Donald Trump is not stupid. He is a genius remember? He wants to run as a republican. Why would he run third-party, unless the GOP tried to dump Trump and unless he was confident in winning the election?

The designs of playing cards depict the four seasons— spring, summer, fall, and winter. They are symbolic of the four directions— north, south, east and west. The designs represent the four elements—  wind, fire, water, and earth. All together or collectively, they exemplify the opposing forces for the struggle for victory or triumph (Trump) in life.


Yes, Donald Trump is a genius and a self-actualizing man, always in route to becoming his best self. His is not a final destination, but a pursuit; a journey with a passion for excellence. He holds all the cards in the suit of Diamonds. He would be like the King of Diamonds and his lovely wife Melania, the First Lady, Queen of the people’s heart. While all the other candidates (including the present president) take off their coats and ties or dress down and try to make people think that they are just everyday, common and regular people just like you and I, Donald Trump dresses impeccably and so does his wife. He may take off his tie and don a hat, but he still dresses respectfully for the office he is seeking. I remember the days of JFK as a small child. His administration was likened to Camelot. WE loved our Executive and the ‘First Family’ because, they showed US as, First Class to the world. Diamonds represent warmth, light, femininity, earthly matters, money, courage, and energy. Donald Trump has a beautiful wife and a young child. His would be, a class act, an administration, based on how he lives right now! He is energetic.

TrumpCard7Donald Trump holds all the cards and is the Trump suit of clubs. Clubs represent many things: fall, winter, night, darkness, males, fire, energy, will, wealth, work, luck, and happiness. Although I do not believe in luck (it’s just a word that tries to explain something when the reasons are not known), Donald Trump knows how to make money, a lot of money and he has and he is still making it. He does not himself perhaps completely understand how he is so able to attract it, but his mind just works this way and he knows that! He could easily choose to accept funding, but chooses not to except, for those that want to invest in America with less than $10 to ten and maybe up to $1,000,00? He is funding his own campaign and wants to not be beholding to anyone. He knows politics is corrupt and admits it and he knows he has dealt with politicians for most of his life, he knows them and he knows, he is now becoming one. He has fire and energy and is drawing the Richard Nixon coined phrase,”The Silent Majority.” He knows the ‘Art of the Deal’ (he wrote the book) and he knows if WE have a better deal, corporate taxes will come down and give incentives to corporations to come ‘home’ and re-build here, make stuff, the best stuff again, and this will provide many jobs and make our goods and services in demand again, all over the world. He knows our country wastes a lot of money that we do not have to give in the first place, and we borrow money from others and have virtually nothing to show for it. He knows we can make better deals and get more, much more to show for it! “Why can’t we charge others for what we give others,” he asked? Joseph of the Bible did this when he was number two in the ancient kingdom of Egypt. The world experienced famine and people were starving. Joseph wisely built up Egypt’s stores of food and ended up feeding the world, but he charged them for it! Yes, he charged them for food! Everyone and every country has something to offer. By the way, in the Bible and historically, Egypt ended up with the wealth of the world. Some refer to this time period as, ‘The Golden Era of Egypt.’ So what’s wrong with doing this today? Everyone gets what they need. Donald Trump knows how to deal. The better the deal, the more WE get. The more we have, the freer we can be. How can WE be FREE with so much debt, so few jobs, so many dependent on welfare, so weak a military, no way to control our border, still no competition among insurance companies or a reasonably priced for all, a healthcare system that works? Donald Trump is the dark Trump suit of clubs, to be feared only by darkness concealed that he is revealing.


Donald Trump holds all the cards and is the Trump suit of hearts.Hearts represent the warmth of spring and summer seasons and the power of light. They are the center of life and the world. What could be more central to the heart than love of God, love of family, love of country and love of humanity. Donald Trump has repeatedly said that the most important book is, “The Bible.”  While not a biblical scholar, he knows about as much or less than most Christians. Though he is not known to regularly attend church, most Christians do not either. His beliefs are NOT a religious test to be president nor is his understanding or lack thereof, indicative that he is not a moral man. Oh, but he has been married and divorced several times? So have I. But Donald Trump’s former wives still respect him and believe he would make an excellent president. Oh, but he had an affair while he was still married. So what, everyone makes mistakes. Has he learned from them? Has a former president leaned from his or is he still carrying on with women, though he is still married? If I was Bill’s wife, I would have divorced him the fist time he broke his marriage vows! Has Donald Trump learned from his mistakes? What better way to ask for forgiveness than to live forgiven! Why is it necessary to apologize all the time to everyone for everything? Is not what is most important, to change and take corrective action? Donald Trumps mistakes as a public person are public, but so are his successful self-determined corrections!

Donald Trump does not drink. He does not display an addictive personality or has any known corrupting vices that we seem to equate with the ‘rich and famous.’ He is driven to succeed, NOT for the trappings of success, but because, it’s just the way he’s wired. It’s how he rolls. And he makes it possible for you and I to think that having wealth or becoming wealthy is not only possible, but it does not have to corrupt us. And he has passed these traits onto his children and has taught them HOW to succeed. On the work drive among her and her siblings, Ivanka Trump has stated,

“I look at my brothers and myself and I’m, like, really proud of the fact that nobody’s, like, totally f—ed-up. Nobody’s a drug addict, nobody’s driving around chasing women, snorting coke.”

Ivanka Trump

He cares for women and has employed many thousands of them and affords them many benefits including, healthcare, long before the Affordable Care Act was forced onto business. Many of the female Trump employees are paid more than men in similar positions. He has hired thousands of Latinos. People that work for Trump International generally do not quit and are quite satisfied with their employment. He has given to many, many charities over the years (still does), to children, and men and women of different beliefs than he holds. He does not display acts of favoritism or anti-anyone, he just deplores incompetence and corruption and is driven by, doing the right thing. The right things are not always popular, like deporting millions of illegal aliens, but it is the right thing because, it is the law. He challenges the decision of the Supreme Court on their interpretation of the 14th Amendment that allows children of illegal aliens to become citizens here, just because they were born on our soil. He does not want to deport immigrants. He wants to depart illegal aliens, starting with the very bad people first. He wants good people to come back. He has family that were immigrants. Two of his wives were or are immigrants. One became a citizen and the other is becoming one. He just wants people here that have entered this country legally.

He does not believe that everything in America is messed up. He has known when America was great and wants to be a part of making America great again. Notice his campaign slogan does NOT say, Donald Trump— I will make America again. He knows he needs all our help to Make America Great Again. And he has found himself in an unusual position (for him) in that he needs our votes to make this happen. He has taken and is taking heat for his stand. He has been and is ridiculed and condemned, written off and told often, he cannot and will not win the presidency. And why is he taking this pressure? Why has he placed himself in a position to lose so much? Why would he even want a job that pays less than .5 of a 1% of what he earns yearly? He has even said as president, he will not take a salary from the American taxpayers. Why would he want the job? Opine all you want or like he told a child, “I’m doing this for you,” and for you and I and that we can make America Great Again. Of all the current candidates running for president (from any party) name one other campaign slogan! Other than ‘Jeb,’ I cannot think of any others. Make America Great Again resonates with people. It is simple, clear, easy to remember and taps into the American heart and mind!

And Donald Trump shows care, concern and respect for other countries. He believes free trade should be a good deal for everyone involved. And he knows that if America is great again, it will greatly benefit the entire world.


Donald Trump holds all the cards and is the Trump suit of spades. And like in the game of spades, any spade will Trump all the other cards in the deck. Spades represents a leaf of the “cosmic” tree, and thus life. Spades are also, indicative of wisdom and transformation. What wiser thing to do than to transform our country by making it living and great again; making it prosperous! I have even read one answer to this and that is, Donald Trump just wants more power. Lets just say that opinion is correct. What would he be empowered to do? Based on his track record, make money, a lot of money, for America and America, the United States of America is, you and I.

It is not what we may think about someone or what they think about themselves that define them, but what have they done; what do they do? And it is not what they say that tell us who they are, but what have they done and what do they do? The DNC (Democrat National Committee recently held a meeting. Each of their candidates were allowed to make a speech. The rules allowed for only 7 minutes per candidate, except for one. Their current front-runner was allowed to speak for 25 minutes. I listened to her entire speech. Obvious to me was that she has been taking some speech lessons. It was a warm, funny, uplifting and vision building presentation, well thought out and intelligently delivered . If I was to base my decision solely on her speech, I would vote for her! But she has a record and I know a lot of it. She is surrounded by either scandals or a cloud. If nothing else, her optics are all wrong. She appears to have done many things wrong. If her handing of confidential information (now classified as classified) and conflict of interests are not criminal and wrong-doing, she is surrounded by a cloud that appears to be criminal and wrong doing. What comes to most people’s mind is, she is, a liar, (as gleaned as the top answer given in a recent poll!

If my decision was based on presentation and first impressions, I would have voted for the present, president of the United States. But his known associations and his lack of experience would not allow me with a clear conscience, to have voted for him.

You may not like the way Donald Trump speaks, but he speaks his mind and people are dawn to him because, he seems real and genuine. But beyond presentation, what is his record which would qualify him for the office in which he speaks. He has and does build many wonderful things, incredible things, often on time and under budget. He employs 100’s of thousands of people and he takes care of them. He buys lots of goods and services from many people, companies and countries. He makes money, a lot of money. He knows what it’s like to be in debt, a lot of debt and how to not only get out of it, but how to emerge, bigger, better and stronger! Why else could he possibly poll well with evangelical Christians? Is it because he has many business interests that involve gaming, games of chance, casinos and gambling? Of course not! Even the Roman Catholic Church used to be heavily invested in birth control pills, when their doctrine has been for the most part, pro-life. Are these two antithetical actions hypocritical or are they just business decisions? People want pills and people want to gamble and some stand to make a lot of money from these! I don’t gamble and I am OK with birth control, but I have no problem even from the Biblical view, of making money, a lot of money from these. Money is not the root of all evil, it is, “the LOVE of money!” Evangelical Christians KNOW that if our nation is prospering, they would have more money to give to their churches or places of faith and practice! Donald Trump makes money, a lot of money!

TrumpCard10 TrumpCard7 TrumpCard9 TrumpCard8


Donald Trump holds all the cards, every suit, all 52 cards and both the Trump jokers. He holds the entire deck!

If he wins the Republican nomination or not, he still wins. If he runs third-party or not and if he is elected the next president of the United States of America— he still wins. No matter what, he entered as a billionaire and he will end up a billionaire. So the question for you and I is, will WE allow a genius, a self-actualizing man, a billionaire, a highly successful business man and an entertainer to be our next president? Do we trust him (by his experience alone) to—


Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

Just I-Magine,



  1. Right on Dahni!

  2. You are a real idiot and brainwashed as well as detached from reality. To date Trump has told over 4,000 lies and you can fact check that. Think, use your brain.If Trump would throw people inside his administration under the bus, what do you think he would do to you. He does not care about people like you. Wake up Trump zombie.

  3. Dear I Have A Brain (IF this your real name),

    I support your right to have an opinion, but it should be well thought out and articulate. An “idiot”, as you started off with calling me, just means, “one’s own”, like an opinion. “Brainwashed”? Could the same thing be said of you that criticizes, condemns and complains, but offers absolutely nothing else as to a solution or an alternative? You mentioned “4,000 lies,” but cite nothing or no one of any authority to back that up. Why should I check the facts you have not listed? Is it 4,000? Why not 10,259 and 1/2? A “zombie”, really? You talk about “reality”, do you really believe such a thing exists, or did you just mean to insult me? Here are some “facts” you can check: the economy, jobs, job growth, construction, home sales and purchases, tax cuts, trade, stock market, foreign investment, businesses returning to the USA and profiting etc., etc., and etc. Then compare promises made with promises kept. What salary does he draw which would be about .5 of 1 percent of what he could make in a single year? He cares only for himself? Personally, with the daily and perhaps hourly attacks on him, his business, friends and associates, and especially his family, I would have caved or resigned way back during the field of 16 or 17 GOP’s running in 2016, but he is still there and still keeping promises made to US, WE the People. Then, compare lies with hyperbole. Bottom line, I care less about what someone may say or may have said than I care about what they do. It would be nice IF both coexisted side by side. It would be nice if I started out liking Trump and even if I did right now, but neither of those are “facts.” Like him or not, he is still president and that makes him, my president. What exactly do you stand for? Take a stand for something or fall for anything! I am fully “awake” and prepared to live with my choices, good, bad or indifferent. I am responsible for my life and my choices.

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