Posted by: Dahni | September 25, 2015

The Jackass Whisperer

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by Dahni

© 2015, all rights reserved


Have you noticed that every single Jackass or She-ass running for political office in the United States of America are, either a jackass or a she-ass, EXCEPT for your jackass or she-ass candidate, of course? 🙂

Now candidates of each party as well as the opposing parties call each other names, but we expect that. The media criticizes and condemns and complains about any and all those that don’t fit their agendas or in effort to raise their dismal ratings and poor, poor subscriber numbers and viewers, but we expect that too. But would advertisers be advertising their stuff if people weren’t listening on the radio and through their other devices and viewing all this jackass—she-ass content by whatever means available, if people weren’t turning on, logging on and/or tuning in?

And there has always been and always will be, I suppose, those that are never happy or satisfied with anything or anyone other than the satisfaction they must seem to derive from constant complaining. But of course, we expect these responses from the miserable and the malcontent jackasses and she-assess.

But here is the thing I find most troubling. One cannot check their email, Twitter, Facebook or other social media without a barrage of the rambling and baying of jackasses and she-asses and their supporters. We would expect this from third-parties, shares from friends of friends of someone(s) friend’s friends posting, but on our own timelines and personal accounts? And how often does this jackass and she-ass hee-hawing, come from our very own family and friends? Hmmm, maybe daily? I guess as this post began, ” EVERY SINGLE JACKASS OR SHE-ASS RUNNING FOR POLITICAL OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ARE, EITHER A JACKASS OR A SHE-ASS, EXCEPT FOR YOUR JACKASS OR SHE-ASS CANDIDATE, OF COURSE!” 🙂

Say what? OMG, we need a jackass—she-ass whisperer, to interpret where exactly are, our heads? No doubt, our heads must presently locate, somewhere, where the sun don ‘t shine! When exactly, did WE the People leave common sense and buy into the jackass—she-ass lingo and adopt it as our personal and collective speech and example for dealing with each other, so UN-civilly? I thought we were supposed to be UN, united as in, you know, the United States of America! What is a jackass—she-ass whisperer going to tell us anyway? They will say something that sounds like what we would expect from a jackass. A Jackass Whisperer my ass!

Does a jackass or a she-ass get happy tearing down others? Or is a jackass—she-ass so unhappy that they tear down others because, “misery loves company?” What a jackass—she-ass!

Oh, I’ve been called a jackass (or worse) many times. You may think I am or still a jackass. But how does this help me or you? Give a jackass a good name to live up to! Call em’ da Vinci or Einstein! 🙂

Don’t we know that in tearing down others, we tear down everything around us and ourselves. Weakness weakens. It takes strength to build strength.

“Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man [or a woman] sharpeneth the countenance of his [or her, their]  friend.

The Bible, Proverbs 27:17 King James Version (KJV)

WE need to all stop speaking and acting like jackasses and she-asses! WE are never going to convince one another that our jackass or she-ass is not a jackass or a she-ass anyway!

“You can lead a [jackass—she-ass] to water, but you cannot make it drink”
“You can educate [a person], but you cannot make them think.”

Instead of all of us arguing with or participating with this kind of behavior, why not shouldn’t WE, stop acting like jackasses—she-asses? We are not animals. WE are human beings. WE are not children. We’re adults.

WE became a great nation, not because we were divided, but because, we united. WE were not the divided people of the divided states of America.

It does not require much effort or thought to put down others, but it does require some of both, to build up others, to build things, to accomplish things, to be civil and united. Why can’t WE lay aside our differences and find some common ground among US and move together, forward? Is this really to much to ask of ourselves?

Or should we just continue to allow, agree with and consent to every single Jackass or She-ass running for political office in the United States of America? After all, they are all, either a jackass or a she-ass, EXCEPT for your jackass or she-ass candidate, of course?

We are not jackasses or she-asses and that’s a good thing because, that’s all a jackass or she-ass are ever going to be, a jackass or a she-ass! But we can change! Maybe WE can’t all always agree or get along. Maybe no jackass or she-ass whisperer can ever make us think or drink, but we could put some salt in their oats! 🙂


Just I-Magine,


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