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Something to Thimk About

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By Dahni

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The Black House, because, the White House is racist and it was built by slaves?

Something to Thimk Think About?

This could be like The Tale of Two Shittys Cities or many, but let’s go with just one.

Let’s just use one city, Chicago. It’s the current president’s home town. It has been under democrat control since 1931, continuously. That’s 85 years. It has the highest murder rate of any large city in the USA. And hey, by the way, NY city and Los Angeles have way bigger populations!

Chicago, besides retail and wholesale murder, has lots of poverty, many other crimes and broken down houses and businesses in the inner-city. Now why do you suppose that virtually none of this ever appears in the media? What could they possibly NOT want the rest of us in the USA to see or know about? On the other side, why is it, whenever some horrible crime occurs someplace else, almost immediately, politicians and the media start talking about gun control?

How does a city like Chicago, receive assistance from the state of Illinois or the federal government? Is it because they are so prosperous (doing so well) or is it because they’re in so dire need of financial assistance? So, millions and millions of dollars pour in to Chicago every year and have, for many years! But where does that money go? Remember, Chicago has a lot of crime, the highest murder rate of any major city, a lot of poverty and the media never talks about it. Someone(s) has been getting most of this money, for many, many years, but NOT most of the people and NOT, for the purposes in which it is intended!

What if to keep getting all this money, Chicago has to stay full of crime and poverty? Uhh, I think they do or wouldn’t they stop getting the money? What if most of these crimes are committed with illegal guns? Do you honestly think that a criminal gives a rats ass about gun control? Do you think they’re going to buy them legally, register them or use them in any lawful manner, whatsoever?

What if most of the people who are in favor of gun control, have never owned a gun, know how to use one, and have basically no idea how they work, or what the differences are between the various types of guns or ammunition? What if they do not even know the difference between an assault rifle, semi automatic rifle, handguns or the different calibers of bullets other than, what they are lied to about or are just, clueless about?

What if these same clueless people who want what they perceive as, common sense gun control are victorious? What do you suppose that would mean to the illegal guns being used in Chicago?

What if gun control would actually lesson protection, safety and security and actually, encourage the criminals to continue in Chicago and maybe even more so, depending on how many laws are enacted against those that use them correctly and lawfully??

What if this environment in Chicago, which depends upon state and federal assistance, which depends on murder, crime, and poverty to receive it is, actually allowing the criminal element to make it so?

So, is this all good for those certain few that receive most of the money and the criminal element that keeps greasing the wheel?

Now, just apply this one city’s stats to any city or area in America, where there’s crime and poverty and follow the money, all the way to the party and the persons in control?

Slavery is alive and thriving in the USA! What? Yes, slavery, only it’s under different names. America is the plantation and the democrat party is the current master in Chicago and other cities where crime and poverty are merciless! The current federal slave master, occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC! And the republican party sits and wants to watch it burn or they find ways to get their cut of crisis capital too!  “Crisis Capital?” Oh, YES! Certain few are making a fortune off of all our misery and all our woes and they are laughing at us, all the way to the bank! In fact, they believe we are so stupid, we will keep voting, for them, to keep ripping us off! Do we keep voting for them? Will we keep doing this to ourselves?

Oh please, I implore you to research history as to whom has been doing this to US, WE the People of The United States of America! And I do mean, to ALL of US!!! Some of US are hurt more than others, but are not WE supposed to be, WE the People? Is not the word “United” in our name? Then if these are so, if one of US hurts, ALL of US hurt!

And on the presidential front, only 1 of only two parties on the ballot in November, stand a chance of winning! Only one of these “lesser of evils,” will occupy the White (black) or Black (white) House next January, 2017. Both spend millions of dollars. One spends from the very ones that profit the most, from keeping our cities and our people oppressed. One uses primarily, their own money.

Now I concede that either party and either candidate, has the potential to keep this house White (black) or Black (white), as it is now, but which is least likely to screw up you and I, even more than WE already are? Which party and person has the history of being the “lesser of evils?” I get it. We want what we are familiar with, what we are used to or have grown comfortable with and we really don’t like to change. But like it or not, every four years, we have a change. We are supposed to be able to actually vote for change, but do WE? Will WE?

Is there anyone in inner-city Chicago that really believes it’s getting better, after 85 years and millions and millions of dollars supposedly spent, on education, housing, job training, economic development and all the rest? Or is it actually, getting worse? Can you even name a single government program that has ever worked or has ever ended? Well, they do work and they do continue, but NOT for the masses, but just a certain few! Does this remind you of a plantation? It does to me!

If I were a criminal, I would certainly take the time away from my criminal enterprise, to vote for the party and the person most likely (the greater-evil) that would allow my terrorist organization to continue and to thrive! Well now, what kind of environment would be ideal for my criminal enterprise? A city where there is rampant poverty, high drop-out rates from high school, where there are no jobs, no hope and no future is, where I’d build my Oppressive Headquarters. Besides, I would have a ready supply of recruits looking for even dishonest work, because there is hardly anything else! And how cool is this, I wouldn’t have to bribe officials like the old-time crime syndicates because, they already are! My only stress and opposition would NOT be from the government or the people, but the rival gangs all competing for the same turf!

What a brilliant program OUR government has devised in oppressing its masters (WE the People), making US slaves to their will, dependent upon other people s money (other taxpayers and foreign governments loaning money because, WE can’t pay our bills) for a mere subsistence, and getting US to keep voting for them to rip US off! And for enforcement and keeping US all in line, they allow criminals to keep stealing, killing and destroying US, so the money (their money and  those they owe) keep flowing like water and like there is no end and no tomorrow!

I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty stupid, pretty dirty, pretty damn enslaved and pretty damn BLACK and NOT because of my skin color!

The Black House because we're stupid or insane if we keep voting the same way, expecting a different result!

The Black House because we’re stupid or insane if we keep voting the same way, expecting a different result!

And one asks, “What do you have to lose,” by taking a chance on another way? What would WE have to lose? Nothing if it stays the same, no matter who wins. What if WE vote for the same-O and it gets worse? But what if WE vote for a change in party dominance and person, for Our House and it gets better?

I’m still doing research for my state and my locale, but my criteria in voting in november is:

  1. Have they ever run for the office they are seeking before?
  2. Is their party presently holding the office in which they are seeking?
  3. Is the government for it (ballot measures)?
  4. Is the media and big business and foreign money supporting this party and person?

So, I am voting for anyone and anything that has never run before, for the office they are seeking. I’m voting for the other party not presently in control. I’m voting against any ballot measure, the government supports. I’m voting against the government and for anyone and anything that supports the continuation of this damn-master slave arrangement! What are you gonna’ do or do you just NOT want to THIMK THINK about it?


Just I-Magine,


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