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Life –“Man, What a Trip”

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By Dahni
© 2017, all rights reserved

Years ago, a relative bequeathed some money for us, in their estate. Following my older and wiser brother’s lead, he and I decided to do the responsible thing and seek out sound financial, investment advice. We were so proud! 🙂

We went to see a friend of the family, Troy Newman. He was at the time, a vice president of a local bank, in the city where we lived. My Brother and I walked in and were escorted to Troy’s Desk. We sat down, in a chair, on either side of his desk. It was a beautiful desk. It was a Banker’s desk.

Banker’s Desk

Banker’s Desk

It was a gorgeous wood desk with a green leather inlaid top with a typical green dome, banker’s lamp to the side. It had a leather executive chair with castor wheels.

Behind this desk sat Troy, Mr. Newman, in a three-piece suit and wing-tip, leather shoes. Shortly, you will understand, how we knew he had on, wing-tip shoes. 🙂

Does this description describe a typical bank, a typical banker’s desk, and banker’s light, and a banker, dressed for success because, he was successful? OMG YES!

My brother and I were pretty excited, as we articulated our purpose in seeing him that day. We posed our questions. We were there to seek his advice on how best, to invest our money. Well, Troy took off his glasses and laid them on top of his desk. He pushed himself back in his chair and put his feet on top of his desk, wing-tip shoes and all. 🙂 He cupped his hands behind his head and seemed to stare silently at the ornate ceiling above. You could have heard a pin drop. He was thinking, focused and deeply considering how to answer. It seemed an eternity before he spoke, as my brother and I waited excitedly with anticipation and bated breath, for some sound, some awesome; some incredible financial advice from God in heaven, through His conduit, Vice President, Troy Newman!

Troy spoke:

“First, I would purchase a two-way airline ticket with no time limit on the return trip. It wouldn’t be first class, but coach, to save money. I’d choose some city in Europe, maybe London, England or Paris, France to start. I would find the most inexpensive place to stay, clean, but cheap. I would try to cook a lot of my own food or eat local, never at expensive restaurants. I would rent a bicycle for transportation. If I could, I would try to do some chores to earn some extra money. I would sleep cheap, eat cheap and ride that bicycle all over Europe, from hamlet to village and town to city, for as long as I could. When the money ran out, I would come home and say—

$$$ “Man, what a trip!!!!” $$$

Troy Newman— (the gist of what he told us anyway)

whatatripMy brother and I turned and looked at each other, wholly surprised at what we just heard. I do not recall anything else that was said, saying goodbye or even walking out of the bank. My brother and I could not decide on whether Troy did not figure we had enough to invest and worth his time or he really meant what he told us?

It’s been a lot of years since this conversation with Troy. I can’t even remember what I did do with my money, but neither my brother nor I ever took that trip to Europe, together or separately. But personally, I now believe that what Troy said to us that day, was exactly what he meant! It was the best financial advice I have ever received! I should have heeded it!! Now, I believe, if we live life, like this, we will actually live longer. A character from the Star Trek series was Vulcan born, Mr. Spock. He always said, “Live long and prosper!” I think what meant by that is— ‘Life, “Man, what a Trip!”

Life is precious. Life is short. None of us know how long we have on this earth or how many years, months, weeks, days, hours or even seconds we have remaining. Make it count. Make it matter. We can’t bank our time here. All we can do is spend it— as best as we can, for as long as we can!

Recently, I found a digital copy of an original pen and ink work with beautiful calligraphy. It reminded me of Troy. Feel free to change the words to the dainty and the drink of your preference.

Wendy Gould

Wendy Gould

What a Way to Go!

$$$ “Man, what a trip!!!!” $$$

Just Imagine,


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