Posted by: Dahni | April 13, 2018

Flutter Like a Butterfly

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By Dahni
© 2018, all rights reserved

I saw a white text on a black background on a friend’s Facebook timeline recently. It really caught my attention. I thought about it, changed some things around and embellished it with a picture (see below). Who does not like caterpillars. OK, maybe a lot of people don’t like anything ‘creepy-crawly’? How about butterflies? Surely no one can object to a beautiful butterfly especially, if they don’t want one to land on them and it does NOT? Is anyone offended by just looking a beautiful butterfly? Again, I suppose it’s possible? It’s just not probable. They are symbolic of hope and transformation among many other metaphors (figures of speech).

Well, in preparation for a National Holiday I am about to introduce and making up–’National Make a Friend Day’, let’s talk a bit about friends.

Everyone either has friends or should. Even if you have just one real and true friend, they’re a treasure that cannot be measured, valued or compared. If we do that ‘social thing’ like Facebook and others, we probably have ‘friends’, but are they really and truly our friends? Are they merely what our social media call friends, did we just accept them because they asked to be our friends, do we hope they will become friends, or is it just a polite way to refer to people that we have no idea who they are?

In attempt to be friendly and to make friends, it often involves conversation. But guess what? Not everyone is interested in being friendly or making friends. Many just want to argue at least or are toxic and destructive at their worst. Being friendly or trying to make friends these certain toxic types try us and in the end, waste our time after all the damage to us is done.

Just the other day, I saw another post on Facebook by another friend who was viciously attacked textually-visually-all-digitally. And for what? He was assailed for sharing an article about this very thing, how toxic people attack others. Irony is lost on how ironic that is. But the article, which I read in full, listed 20 characteristics of toxic people. Twenty? Most of us cannot recall what we had for breakfast yesterday, let alone remember 20 characteristics of toxic people! I tried to simply this. Part of my comment, trying to comfort my friend, was–

If it looks like an ass, smells like ass and acts like an ass, it’s probably an ass. Avoid asses ALWAYS! 🙂

Then, from my other friend previously, I simplified, clarified, embellished and well, made it sound just a little nicer? You decide.


Just I-Magine,






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