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By Dahni
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Goddle? Yes, Goddle, pronounced, God + dle or God + el. The font and the colors might seem familiar? They should. Does the following image ring a bell?

You know, this icon is the world’s largest search engine (among other stuff). Google is a noun and a verb. It is a company and something most of us do when we want to look up information on the WWW (world wide web, the Internet).

Goddle is also a noun and a verb. If Google can make up the word Google, then I can make up the word Goddle. I did. As a noun, Goddle, as a noun, refers to a person, place or a thing. Goddle as verb, refers to the actions taken by a person, place or a thing. OK, so what is the connection or association between Goddle and Google? In my opinion, Google either thinks they are the digital God of the world or they act like they are!

Now I want to tell you a story. It’s a true story. Read what I have written and then you decide this matter for yourself. And there will be pictures too!  🙂

I used the word “digital” above. The root of digital is digit. Our fingers are digits, but in the digital world, the Internet, cyberspace or whatever you want to call it, digits are a series of 1’s and 0’s arranged in a certain predetermined way like— 1110010101100 and etc. That’s the math thingy and algorithms used. Mechanically, they are like switches. Switches are open or closed. How they operate, determine what we see and hear; etc. by using computers, applications and stuff to experience what we experience online. In reality, none of this stuff is real. It does not exist. Did you ever see the Matrix movies? If so, you know exactly what I mean. Yes, none of this stuff that we depend on in our daily lives to communicate with each other, write stuff, read stuff, use as clocks, alarm clocks, for reminders, to watch stuff, to guard our stuff, and on and on, just stuff is, not real.

Now maybe you know? Maybe you won’t? And maybe you care and maybe you don’t? But there are two things all this stuff can do. For those in control of this stuff, it can make money and take money—A LOT OF IT!!! It (they) already have. Where did they get it? If you think from you and I, you are correct. NEVER FORGET THAT!

Google makes and takes a lot of money. But they have so much stuff that’s FREE? Right, like googling Google, their search engine, gmail, google maps, Youtube, Chrome and on and on. But I thought this stuff was FREE? How do they make and take money? Google is one of the richest, wealthiest and most powerful companies in the world. They did not become this way by giving away stuff, FREE stuff, for nothing. They work with other companies, governments and individuals to connect with you and I. They get paid (a lot), to do that.

This true story could be a tale of digital un-god-ness, (ungodliness or ungoodness), tyranny, monopoly, thievery, piracy, collusion, cooperation and conspiracy, shakedown, and all in the name of FREE and emotional manipulation over a good thing(s); hiding their real agenda. Whaaaaat? I will explain with Google’s motto(s).

Back in the year 2000, Google’s motto was, “Do No Evil.” It still is, well sort of. Sounds good on the surface, but Google is now a subsidiary of its parent company, Alphabet. Alpahbet’s motto is, “Do the Right Thing.” Do the right thing for whom, themselves?! Google’s motto, “Do No Evil” to whom, its parent, Alphabet?!

Oh surely you know that Google cooperated or colluded or conspired with our government, the National Security Agency (NSA), to collect data on everyone? I’m sure that Google would say they were forced to comply by law or they were just trying to not be evil and to do the right thing. But Google taught our government stuff and our government taught them stuff. And you know, this is all under the pretext of National Security?? Google sure neither did, does not or will do nutN’, for nothing!!!

One last thing before I give real examples. Behind all that we experience with our devices— cell phones, computers and tablets and laptops and etc., underneath is, a foreign language called computer language, like html (hyper text markup language). We generally don’t see this unless we know how to find it and we don’t understand it unless, we know html language and/or other computer languages. It’s those digits, a series of 1’s and 0’s arranged in a certain way. It’s those switches opened or closed, which allow us to experience the www (world wide web), the Internet, cyber space, the digital online world.

Most urls (links or internet addresses), for most websites, for years, began with http://www.(followed by the name of the site).

If you were selling something online or collecting private information, you would want something more secure, to encrypt the information from those with bad or evil intentions. This is simply called, https or an SSL and would require a certificate (more computer jargon). I know this because, I used to have one because, I tried to sell stuff online. Of course, this costs more money. But I had one and soon I realized what it cost me to have an encrypted website, and SSL certificate and to have a ‘shopping cart; for an online store was not warranted. It cost me more to have this than I was ever paid from trying to sell stuff. So, I saved myself a lot of money, by removing my shopping cart (e-commerce program), and the SSL certificate. FYI, I operate four websites and sell nothing from them or collect anyone’s personal information. So, I did NOT; do NOT need an SSL! That’s what I thought anyway.

Enter “Do No Evil” ‘Goddle’, putting the slammer hammer down and requiring every site to have an SSL certificate???

“What is SSL Certificate? How does it work? It’s like having an electronic passport!”

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), is the standard security technology, for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral? Lets get one thing straight. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SECURITY ON THE INTERNET!! It might be more secure, take longer to hack or to compromise, but if it can be encrypted, it can be decrypted or unencrypted. Its like reverse engineering. It’s like putting a sign in your yard that reads: ‘These Premises are Protected by (Name of security company). For the professional, this is just a sign that tells them how to break your security.

Enter Google and it’s recent development to make and take more money.


Over the course of the last two years, rumors had swirled over Google’s position concerning forcing the move to HTTPS encryption.

In 2017, Google began officially warning website owners that non HTTPS sites would incur consumer messaging that identified the site as non-secure.”

1. Encrypts Sensitive Information
The information you send on the Internet is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server. Any computer in between you and the server can see your credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, and other sensitive information if it is not encrypted. When an SSL certificate is used, the information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server you are sending the information to.

2. Protects You From Cybercriminals They are clever! And so is Google!

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybersecurity damages will cost the world over $6 trillion annually by 2021.

It is impossible to escape the rising tide of cybercrime if your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate. They will identify weakness(es) in your network…mostly, when information is transmitted. Recently, the black eye masked people have been refining malicious strains that are specifically designed to capture data while moving between destinations. (Told you, these people are clever!)

You surely can protect yourself from this mess by installing SSL certificates that offer a vital means of defending against transit-based hacks.

3. Builds Trust & Brand Power
With SSL certificates, your customers will see visuals like the lock icon and green address bar that indicates well-trusted encryption is in use. Well, if I as a customer will see that on your website, I will be assured that my information is traveling safe.

4. SSL/HTTPS is also a Google ranking factor.

Excerpts in Italics from:

Right, I doubt ranking (showing up higher on a search engine page), will improve by having an SSL, at least not mine.

Does not this all seem a little strange to you? Not if you presently look at other web browsers like Apple’s ‘Safari’, ‘Brave’, Mozilla’s ‘Firefox, Microsoft’s ‘Internet Explorer’ or ‘Edge’. They don’t show whether a site is secure or unsecured, at least not yet!!! I’ve heard ‘Firefox’ will be doing this soon. If I only knew what I just wrote, before I bought into Google’s extortion and paid Godaddy, for my new SSL certificate. What this means is that if you or I used any of the other most used web browsers, we would probably not know I have an SSL certificate. Yep, we can only see this by using Google’s ‘Chrome’ web browser! Let me show you before and after an SSL.

Just one of 4 of my sites, before SSL and on ‘Google’s ‘Chrome’ web browser.

By clicking on the (i) symbol to the left of ‘Not Secure’, more information is given

In the picture immediately above, on this particular site, the expanded information begins with Flash. I use flash animation in my opening graphics when one first comes to this site. Not all browsers support Flash, primarily, with no-thanks to, the late Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. He did not like it for some reason, some feeling, had a bad relationship with Adobe (© and patent holder of Flash), or something and he did not allow Flash on Apple’s operating systems, its ‘Safari’ web browser and Apple devices or support it. In the above example, the user may allow flash to run IF you click “Allow”, otherwise, you would never see it. So much for all my hard work to make something interesting and that I am proud of?? But that’s OK, it’s just more work to change it (sarcasm).

Third on the list above is “Cookies”. These are little tracking bits of embedded code. Almost every website, browser, and Google all use “Cookies” to track where the user goes. Sometimes, they even give notice that they are using them and are basically asking you if it’s OK to track you; to spy on you? In the example above, notice “(0 in use”). This is because, I don’t use “Cookies” to track anyone on any of my sites!!

Last on the list above is, “Site settings”. Honestly, I don’t know what that means.

These four are what constitutes, what google flags as an “unsecured” site. FYI (for your information), it is possible, to have a “secure site” with the SSL certificate, but still use “cookies”??? Whatever you say Goddle, but I DON’T USE “COOKIES”, on any of my websites!!!

Now let me be clear. I wouldn’t want to go to an unsecured website, especially if I needed to enter personal information and my credit card numbers and etc., if I was trying to purchase something online! Good O’ “Do No Evil” Goddle is, just trying to let people know because, they really care about you and I? And they really care about the website owners (let’s just call them operators, that really just rent or lease these websites), like myself because, there is no law that requires anyone to have a secure site and an SSL certificate? Oh, but if we don’t, Goddle is going to flag every site as unsecured, if they don’t, with an annoying-freak you out bit of intimidation. No law my ass! It gets better, I mean worse.

It seems to me that Goddle has found a new way to make more money. I am sure they collect their cut from the hosting companies. And of course, the hosing companies get theirs! Why not provide SSL by default, with all hosting plans? Looks like a scam to me, but we have no choice. Oh, right, there is no law that anyone must have an SSL, at least not yet. It’s a choice? Not really, not with Goddle! They will just flag you as UN-SAFE, if you don’t. Hey, this sounds like FaceBook’s shadow banning or suspension, if you are considered UNSAFE, for their community standards. YouTube (google’s baby), too! It’s the same for Twitter. Why no, it’s not censoring anyone, they are looking out for everyone; keeping everyone “safe”? Goddle is drunk with power, unfortunately, so I do not think this is to help the consumer, but rather to make more money or they flag your website as unsafe. It’s all done by a simple cut and paste of computer code. The code has already been written by a programmer. The programmer has already been paid. It takes seconds or just a few minutes to put these snippets of code into a website, changing it from unsecure to secure. So why does anyone NOT selling something online, have to have an SSL and have to pay so much?

No, you nor I want to go to a site that even implies it is unsafe, whether it is or not? I don’t! So I either had to just shut down all my sites that use no “cookies”; collects no data from anyone or “makes” any money from anything sold from the site, from any advertiser or, Goddle and its associates, get to “take” more of mine, for them.

I spent a lot of time and effort on developing my sites. I even set up little favicons.

favicon /ˈfæv.ɪˌkɒn/ (short for favorite icon), also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon, is a file containing one or more small icons,[1] associated with a particular website or web page.[1][2]

excerpt from wikipedia:

I believe in my content, so I bent over and let Goddle and its associates “take” more from me.

So, I contacted my domain registrar/webhost provider— Godaddy, by phone, to purchase SSL certificates, for my websites.

Here is what happens when you call Godaddy for help. First, you get this automatic, pre-recorded upbeat and excited lady that after pressing the right number for your issue, it will direct you to a live person that supposedly can help you? Example: “For technical support press (number), WE LOVE HELPING PEOPLE, press (number), “for security, including SSL support press (number).” I did. After a brief wait time, I spoke with a real person. He by way of Godaddy, gave me a deal? Yes, they would secure five websites (yay I only have 4), for a super low price (over $100, for one year.

Then, I was offered a super-duper deal by “locking in the same price”, for two years? “No thanks,” I told them, “I don’t even want to pay, for the one year, and shouldn’t have to, just because Goddle says I should!!”

Well, I bent over and took it and purchased it. Godaddy sent me an email to confirm and that it may take up to 72 hours, for it to go into effect. It didn’t take long, but how would I know or would anyone know if my sites went from http (unsecured), to https (secure)? How? If you or I actually typed i.e. that’s how. Who has time for that?

We are used to having impatience and/or have short attention spans. We don’t have time for that! We should just be able to type (key in), and go there to my newly purchased secured site. Didn’t happen!!!

I called Godaddy again and then, again. Twice they sent me links to the information, by email, how to “redirect” my sites so that one could do just that, key in for example, and it would automatically redirect it to or simply just by typing (keying in), There was just a few little tiny problems with this, just a few little things?

The instructions did not tell me what folder to put this file into each of my websites in their root directories, what to name the file and what format or extension the file used. I called Godaddy the third time. It got potentially worse, for me and could have been more profitable, for them and Goddle.

The so-called Godaddy technician told me, “We are trained only limitedly and I can’t help you with that, but you can have one of our experts set this up for you (for another fee, of course).” I rather angrily told him that “Godaddy can’t put instructions on their website HOW to do this, without explaining HOW to do this (incomplete instructions), and Godaddy and Goddle already have a lot of my money, yall’ can’t have, ALL of my money!”

Well, apparently, I must have asked the right questions and he suddenly had enough training to know that what I was saying, was correct. If I didn’t take an educated guess and ask the right questions (what folder to put this code in with a new file and with the correct name), I would have to pay more to have an “expert” do it. How long did it take me me to create a file, name it ‘web.config’, cut and paste the code to all four of my sites? I weas done is just a few short minutes. So, did I really need to pay extra $’s to have an expert do this? NO!! I don’t blame the tech., he was probably just trained to try and sell me stuff.

I copied their code, created a new file and named it web.config and placed it into the correct folder. I had to do this for each of my four website. Just by naming the file web.config (all lowercase), it automatically put the file into the right format with the correct extension. This was simple. It was just copy and paste and did not take much time at all. Did it really require much training, for the so-called tech to tell me this? NO, but he was just trying to sell me more stuff, that I did not/do not need. He was a bit misleading though as were their incomplete instructions on how to do this yourself.

The story continues and it gets worse for me, but possibly, better for Godaddy and Goddle. But first, to follow is, what my brand new and secure website home pages, look like— I’m so proud? 🙂

Now all one has to do is type dahni .com


now all one has to do is type in:


now all one has to do is type in:


now all one has to do is type in:

It gets worse for me and better for them.

I’ve heard that sometime this October (2018), Goddle is really going to tag all the unsecured sites with perhaps something that flashes. Maybe it will be in red? That will really get our attention to move away!

It gets worse for me and better for them.

For sometime, all the sites that really sold stuff online and really needed SSL and SSL certificates, to really try to at least partially protect their users from security breaches, they had a familiar green padlock icon, letting us know they were secure. The unsafe sites had partially open red padlocks. Well, Goddle is working on it, so that even these little padlocks (green or red), will disappear. They are pushing everyone to get SSL certificates and that eventually, all sites will be secure and this will be the new normal. Now here is where it gets really interesting. I wish I had known this information, before I spent over a $100 to get an SSL! Maybe I could have waited a little while longer. Why? Well, Goddle (Google) and their ‘Chrome’ web browser are to date, about the only browsers that are telling anyone that the site they have landed on is, either secure or unsafe. Whaaaaat? Yep!

As of 9/5/11, when I started writing this, Apple’s ‘Safari’ web browser, ‘Brave’, Microsoft’s ‘Internet Explorer’ and ‘Edge’, and Mozillia’s ‘Firefox’ browsers do not indicate whether or not the site you have landed on is secure or not! Yep! No padlocks either, red or green. Wait a dagone’ minute, is Goddle trying to pull a fast one? Granted they are the world’s largest search engine and they may have the most used web browser (‘Chrome’), but they are not the only game and players in town!!!

It gets worse for me and better for them.

One can get some super-duper SSL certified security, for their websites too. Many have had these, for quite some time. Godaddy offered me something for FREE, with limitations. Come on now, if there are limits, it’s not really FREE now is it? What were the limits? It would be FREE for a certain number of clicks (users going to a site), and then the site owner must pay, more $’s! But what Godaddy offered me for FREE, instead of the basic green closed padlock, was a McAfee secure thingy. You know, McAfee, the anti-virus, malware, Internet security firm (among other companies), that many people have long suspected of creating viruses, malware, spy bots, ransom ware and etc., putting them online and infecting computers or threatening to, just so we will buy their stuff, to protect our stuff?

Now Godaddy is kind of not real clear about their offerings. If you do a search for McAfee from Godaddy’s site, it will show you the following image.

Right next to this is a familiar little green clickable button (the money button) —

I did not click on the “buy” button to see how much it would cost, but there is a huge difference between FREE and BUY! I declined Godaddy’s offer for the so-called FREE, McAfee thingy. To me, it was just another free piece of advertising, FOR McAfee through Godaddy and I’ll bet Goddle gets their cut too!.

Next I would like to show you a few super-duper sites and their advantage. Let’s start with Apple—

Notice to the left of the closed green padlock (secure site), it reads something extra, “Apple Inc. [US]”. This means that Apple has extra security, they paid extra and they get to show their name again. The bracket [ ], with the US means that this particular site has a super-duper SSL (secure certificate), and is held by Apple Inc. and the “US” is, the United States. They probably have something similar, in every country they operate in.

Here is Godaddy’s—


Yep, my tweets are secure on twitter.

My blogs at WordPress are all secure. WordPress—

Yes, WordPress is, super-duper secure as it shows, “Word (Automatic, Inc.) [US]”, next to the secure green padlock.

I operate over ten blogs at WordPress. They are all FREE, have customized themes and features, but you know NOW, what FREE means— advertising! Yes, when you go to any of my blogs there are some ads, fewer than most, but still, there are some. WordPress wants to make money and that’s OK. They try to sell domain name registrations and web space (hosting), and paid themes, and other services, just like Godaddy. I know, I operated two of them for a time, one personal and one as a website manager, for a small business. Even Godaddy and WordPress are associated with one another. They have financial agreements. That’s OK by me.

Just so you know, I make nothing from any advertiser or from WordPress in money, extra freebies or favors nor do I choose any of the advertisements that appear on any of my blogs, through them.

I set all of my WP blogs, to automatically post links to my Facebook timelines, groups and pages, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, and etc. FB does not allow this anymore. I have to manually copy and post the link to FB. And while on the subject of Facebook, it is just a matter of time, before they follow Goddle and will not even allow links from websites, which are not secure.

I also have some of the same blog names and content as my WordPress blogs, hosted at either or (blogger), and both names belong to, Goddle (Google).

Now it starts to really get interesting! Here is what Facebook looks like—

Yes, yours, mine and whomever have FB timelines, groups, and pages; our comments, images and etc. are secure (supposedly), through FB, but they are not super-duper secure!. Notice, “Face Book Inc [US]”, is missing, next to the green secure padlock. I guess they didn’t want to pay extra $’s or don’t think it’s important to have a super-duper SSL and secure site? Forget about Facebook, for the moment. What about Google’s ‘Chrome’ web browser—

Why yes, it is indeed secure, but missing is, “Google Inc. [US], next to the green secure padlock. I guess they didn’t want to pay extra $’s or don’t think it’s important to have a super-duper SSL and secure site? OK, what about Goddle (Google)? Google—

Whaaaaat? Not even the worlds largest search engine, is super-duper secure? Correct! Missing again is, “Google Inc. [US]”, to the right of the green secure padlock!!! I guess they didn’t want to pay extra $’s or don’t think it’s important to have a super-duper SSL and secure site? I smell scam? OK, perhaps that’s too strong a word. How about this—


To close this long, but necessary post out, I want to end with what I call the irony of ironies and the paradox of paradoxes and a couple of solutions.

The Irony of Ironies & the Paradox of Paradoxes

These companies, firms and high-tech giants cannot begin as private, then, seeking operating cash, offer the public shares to be bought and sold in the public market (stock market), and still say they are private. They cannot offer FREE stuff that’s paid for by collecting our data or getting us to buy stuff for their advertisers that pay them, to be considered FREE. They cannot offer a FREE to all, open forum and lobby Congress and finance politics and politicians to resist government regulation, without seeking to regulate their own interests. They cannot in the name of “community standards”, not violate their own standards, by picking and choosing who gets to use their platforms and/or whose content is allowed or removed, without censorship. They cannot call themselves a “platform” and publish content without being “content “publishers.” If they can offer a platform and de-platform or un-platform someone, that’s just an euphemism (another name for), censorship. They cannot include all, by excluding any. They cannot in the name of toleration, not be intolerant of any and all those they deem to be intolerant. They cannot hide under the banner of “platforms”, to avoid being sued for libel and other acts because, they are not “publishers” of content, without publishing content on their platforms. They cannot say there are no laws forcing or demanding others to comply with their rules and regulations, without the force and effect of laws to make their users comply. To big to fail, they are already to big to keep from falling. To big for their britches, their seams are already bursting. FREE and freedom are neither free. And Goddle (Google), you never were, you are not and you never will be— God!


Get yourself informed of what is going on and underneath; behind the web,; behind the scenes. Tell others. Complain and call out anyone that infringes on your god-given and unalienable rights! Petition Our Congress and/or the Department of Justice (DOJ). Call or write, email or send texts, for them NOT to regulate the Internet (Net Neutrality) or regulate these firms, but to classify them no more as platforms, but content publishers, subject to being sued, just like all other publishes of content. Start something new and better, fair and honest. Remember, all the money these behemoths have, they got from you and I or through us! Those big advertisers would have nothing to pay them with, if we did not/do not purchase their products and services! And we can stop giving it to them!!! Money (power), is not the root of all evil, it’s the LOVE of it! So Goddle (Google), if you really want to “Do No Evil” to Alphabet (your parent), stop doing evil by loving money. And Alphabet, if you really want to “Do No Harm” to your children like Google, stop letting them do evil, by not stopping them from doing evil, by loving money! The root feeds and kills the tree!

Just I-Magine,


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