Perspired, Retired, Expired or Inspired? – Introduction

© 2008 03/28/08

By Dahni

Are You, am I, perspired, retired, expired or inspired? The first three words and the first three images to follow here might seem like the natural order of of our lives. We work and perspire to hopefully one day retire and finally, we expire. What happened to inspire, inspiration, and being inspired? To answer this question and to become inspired, this four part blog will go back to go forward.

Just Imagine,


Perspired Retired Expired Inspired

Perspired Retired Expired Inspired


Perspired, Retired, Expired or Inspired?

Part 1 of 4

© 2008 03/29/08

By Dahni

Are You, am I, perspired, retired, expired or inspired? The first three words might seem like the natural order of our lives. We work and perspire to hopefully one day retire and finally, we expire. What happened to inspire, inspiration, and being inspired? To answer this question and to become inspired, this four part blog will go backwards to go forward.

We begin in the past when we first started to work. I am sure all of us have at some time in our lives, perspired.


Perhaps predominantly in the way back past, people perspired for two reasons. Work was number one. Number two occurred during some mild, moderate or moving momentum, produced by partners engaged in some enjoyable physical activity. 🙂

Maybe there was also, the occasional sweaty palm or brow due to something which was caused by a feeling of uneasiness, a good thing or not.
Perspiration is a good thing. It releases toxins and poisons from our bodies, indicates that our blood is flowing, our heart rate has increased, implies increased oxygenation of the blood, contain pheromones which are natural sex attractants and regulates body temperature, otherwise I suppose, we would all just explode. When we perspire we lose fluids and they must be replaced regularly meaning, we need more water to hydrate us; keeps us moist. Perspiration also keeps our purifying plants (our bodies), in good running order. I am sure there are other ‘good’ things about perspiration I have not mentioned and probably am not aware of. It was once a good thing to have worked hard all day and to have perspired.

Fifty percent of the population used to work in agriculture like on a farm and they worked hard and perspired. Then we moved from the rural areas to the towns, cities and suburbs. We moved into industry, then into specialization and we are now, still in information. Transportation changed and we drive a lot from one place to another. Much of our work today does not cause us to perspire. Many people choose to exercise and that may be the only time they ever perspire.

Today, we look at perspiration in a completely different way. Many associate perspiration with nervousness and even dishonesty. We have become embarrassed by this natural and quite extraordinary function of our bodies. We have become judgemental about others and ourselves about perspiring. We have become mistrusting of those that perspire.

Today, most of us view perspiration as a sign of incompetence, we don’t know what we are doing or they don’t know what they are doing. Or we may see this as a sign that we are being dishonest or they are being dishonest., we cannot trust ourselves or them. Body language experts would like us to believe what they say about this and for a fee of course. Body language, ‘lody banguage,’ who cares! Who is they anyway? I have considered making up some T-shirts with the word they in bold capital letters on the front and on the back, just so we know who they is. Whew, makes me perspire just thinking about all this. 🙂

I thought it would be kind of fun and interesting to research this phenomenon that really did not start very long ago.

Have you ever heard this, “Never let ‘em see you sweat,” or wonder where it came from?

The following excerpt is taken from a chapter from the book; ‘Never Let ‘Em See You Sweat, A Tranquilizer for Presenters’. Its only edition first appeared as a hardcover book, November 1, 2000. You can search this title at: or other on-line sellers.

In his introduction, author and former adman Phil Slott writes, “…, I wrote the slogan ‘Never let ’em see you sweat!’ for Gillette’s Dry Idea deodorant . This slogan, and the ‘nevers’ that go with it, embodies my philosophy about advertising: Saying what you won’t get is more compelling than saying what you will get. When it comes to deodorants, saying ‘Never let ’em see you sweat’ was more compelling than saying “You’ll always be dry.”

I found this to be very interesting as the same person that came up with this slogan, was once a very nervous man.

“I started out as a nervous junior copy-righter in advertising. I used to pray on the floor of my apartment before simple meetings. From there, as I became a calmer presenter, I went farther up the corporate ladder. Finally I was able to control my nervousness so well that I was comfortable making presentations to groups of all sizes, from a handful to a roomful.”

Phil Slott


The phrase “no sweat,” was popularized by the Korean War in the early 1950s, and the phrase “Don’t sweat the small stuff” appeared soon thereafter.

Phil Slott, while working for, BBDO, a worldwide advertising agency network, with its headquarters in New York, was responsible for the Gillette Company programs which included the ‘Dry Idea Campaign.’

Never let them see you sweat! (Dry Idea commercial)

“Never let them see you sweat!” was coined by a “Dry Idea” deodorant commercial, one of which featured New York-based designer Donna Karan.

17 November 1985, Washington Post, “Donna Karan’s Dry Wit,” pg. D1:
The person most surprised to learn her television commercial for the deodorant Dry Idea is being aired nationally is Donna Karan.

The commercial’s story line, and Karan, is terrific. She gives “three nevers” in fashion design: “Never confuse fad with fashion. Never forget it’s your name on every label. And, when you’re showing your line to the press, never let them see you sweat.”

Dry Idea image

Many mergers and acquisitions later, both the advertising agency and Gillette no longer are the same, but the slogan is trademarked, the deodorant is still around, and people have become nearly obsessive compulsive over staying dry.

Many other deodorants and countless other products have come to our rescue. There is nearly something for everyone and for almost every situation. The ‘cha-ching’ sound of cash registers ringing, is music to the ears of business.

Sweat Not - Just for fun body shields

Whether people see us or not, we perspire and it’s a good thing. It seems to me that whether we realize it or not, we may be perspiring a lot more than we think, especially when it comes to work. Instead of just working and putting in a day’s toil and maybe saving up for a rainy day or something special or even retirement, we are working more and for more than just ourselves and our families. We have to get not just ahead, but way, way ahead. We must at least keep pace with whatever the neighbors have. We are stressed out and addicted to all kinds of stuff, just to keep up this rapid pace. In all and throughout all of this, we must “Never let ’em see you sweat.” There are even private training rooms and showers now at many gyms. I guess many lovers keep the lights off, so we cannot be seen to perspire. Of course there is a lot of money to spend and to be made in keeping us dry. We must always appear calm and collected, trustworthy and basically like we ‘got it together,’ whether we do or not.

We are supposed to be working for something, some reason other than mere survival or for the greater good of everyone else, at our expense. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel like a hamster in a cage just spinning my wheel. Well, I’m sick of it and I hope you are too! I am not advocating that we stop using deodorants, perfume, cologne or anything that helps us to stay dry and remain calm. But my goodness, when did it become so important to us what everyone else thinks? What happened to what we think? If our only goal is to one day retire and if we get there, will we be too perspired to enjoy being retired or have the energy to be reitred and then, just not live that long until we have expired? What happened to being inspired?

Are You, am I, perspired, retired, expired or inspired? The first three words might seem like the natural order of our lives. We work and perspire to hopefully one day retire and finally, we expire. What happened to inspire, inspiration, and being inspired?

To answer this question and to become inspired, this four part blog will continue.

Next time we move to that state wherein we are retired.

Just Imagine,




Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING
Design Search Code
Serial Number 73710093
Filing Date February 8, 1988
Current Filing Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1A
Published for Opposition August 16, 1988
Registration Number 1511434
Registration Date November 8, 1988
Attorney of Record JOY N. ELBAUM
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Live/Dead Indicator DEAD
Cancellation Date May 15, 1995


Perspired, Retired, Expired or Inspired

Part 2 of 4

© 2008 03/30/08

By Dahni

Are You, am I, perspired, retired, expired or inspired? The first three words might seem like the natural order of our lives. We work and perspire to hopefully one day retire and finally, we expire. What happened to inspire, inspiration, and being inspired?

To answer this question and to become inspired, this four part blog continues.

We now move to that one day and hoped for event where we are retired…

Retired…provided that we are able to retire. By that I mean much more than the needed financial resources being available and more than good health. We have to have something to do!

After we have gotten caught up with the loss of sleep from all those years of working, then what? After we have gone fishing or hunting or whatever we have sacrificed over the years and can now do to our heart’s content, what next? Many people are tired and worn out at retirement. I have even met many people that have retired which are bored out of their minds. Purpose of their lives seems to be tied to their work

As we get older, the tendency is for everything to slow down physically and perhaps mentally. We may not be as strong, as healthy and as resilient like we were when young. It’s true that due to modern medicine, people are living longer than those of the past, but what about the quality of their lives? We have a sick cat and we are keeping her alive with this modern day medical knowledge, but there is not much to the quality of her remaining life.

My wife Susan is nearing retirement and already she has trepidations about leaving what she has done for over 25 years. She has a pension, but she wonders and sometimes is concerned about what she will do with her time.

Susan is among a group (perhaps a small group), which I refer to as the fortunate few. For the most part since college, she has worked for only one employer that is still in business after these many years and in today’s world, that in and of itself is extraordinary. She will receive a pension which again, in and of itself is extraordinary. Perhaps the most incredible thing of all is, she has for the most part, loved what she does! She is a teacher.

Over the years, Susan like others, all have spent much of theit waking lives, weekends, vacation time, and often from the loss of sleep, working on their work. Much of this activity has been over and beyond what is expected, but dedication to excellence and mostly from love of what one does, become the habit of their lives. Soon to be faced with what to do with ‘FREE TIME’time can be unnerving.

Often people start to get a little weird when all their children have grown and left home or they have lost a spouse or partner for some reason. Much of their lives were spent in serving others and when “your services are no longer required,” it can become like getting fired from a job. Again, at retirement, you become faced with what to do with the reaming time of your life on earth. What am I supposed to do now, many people are asking?

Answering those questions can be traumatic if you have never done much more than what you have done your entire life. When that ends, what to do next can be pretty hard to contemplate. Many people work their whole lives to retire. Retire from what, life? If we have not pursued other things doing the course of our lives besides our work, what makes us think the transition into retirement will be easy. We do need to plan ahead, but most importantly, we need to do things we enjoy outside of our work. We need to live each and every day at work or in whatever activity we are involved with. We are NOT just what we do!!! We need to understand who we are.

It is very interesting to me that we have or are spending so much energy and are totally perspired (exhausted), at the point where we are retired and then, it is not many years hence, until we are expired. Check out the following.

Life Chart 1

Here is another mind freak.

Longevity Vs. Retirement Age

“Dr. Ephrem (Siao Chung) Cheng provided the important results in the following table from an actuarial study of life span vs. age at retirement. The study was based on the number of pension checks sent to retirees of Boeing Aerospace.”

Life Chart 2

“This indicates that for people retired at the age of 50, their average life span is 86; here-as for people retired at the age of 65, their average life span is only 66.8. An important conclusion from this study is that for every year one works beyond age 55, one loses 2 years of life span on average.”

I also read somewhere that the average police officer only lives about 5 years after they retire; despite their age at retirement. The phenomenon seems to be attributed more towards the loss of their former lifestyle (their work), than anything else.

Without purpose, what then is the purpose of our lives? Beyond health and monetary concerns when we are retired, why is it that we do not seem to live long, before we become expired?

Are You, am I, perspired, retired, expired or inspired? The first three words might seem like the natural order of our lives. We work and perspire to hopefully one day retire and finally, we expire. What happened to inspire, inspiration, and being inspired? To answer this question and to become inspired, this four part blog goes on.

Next we move to that one day we have planned for or not, for the event where we have expired….

Just Imagine,



Perspired, Retired, Expired or Inspired?

part 3 of 4

© 2008 03/31/08

By Dahni

Are You, am I, perspired, retired, expired or inspired? The first three words might seem like the natural order of our lives. We work and perspire to hopefully one day retire and finally, we expire. What happened to inspire, inspiration, and being inspired?

To answer this question and to become inspired, this four part blog continues.

We now move to that one day not looked for, perhaps not planned for, but the expected day, in which we are expired.


Tenative Agenda

(a) Planned activitities – none

(b) Do ‘overs, reboots or re-do’s – nada

(c) Second chances – nope

(d) Time with family, friends and associates – Ø

(e) Range of motion – zilch

(f) Dreams, inspiration, goals and planning – not happening

(g) Regrets, makeup, give or receive forgiveness – too late

(h) Money to make, save, spend and enjoy – Ø $’s & Ø ¢ ($00.00)

(i) Stuff to do – unh-unh

(j) Consciousness and awareness of anything – no

Well, that in a nutshell, is pretty much is what we have to look forward to, when we are expired. In a single word, we will have nothingto look forward to (at least in this world).

Oh, I almost forgot, there may be life insurance, but we actually have to die to get that and since there is no way to spend it where we’re going, we will have to leave it all to someone else or to others. There may also be other stuff of ours and we may not want the government to get it, so we may want to leave it with say, a surviving spouse or partner or perhaps the children, other relatives, friends, associates or our principal charity or charities. In a sense, this does not seem fair to have perspired until we are retired, only to shortly enter into the state where we have expired and not able to fully enjoy or benefit from the bulk of all we have worked for. I am not suggesting that we do not plan for and provide for our loved ones, but merely to take care.

If we have perspired for all that we have and it has in part, built our character and who we are, do we want to deprive those we love of the same opportunity, to ‘make it’ as we have? Would we then be like Robin Hood in thinking we are stealing from the rich (ourselves), and giving it to the poor (our loved ones)? Would we be robbing them if we give them so much of what they have not earned for themselves?

I have almost gone off point here. The point is our days are numbered. What those numbers are, nobody knows. Some young people never plan on living beyond their twenties and that is very sad to me. Some plan on living to a ripe old age in health and in comfort, but sometimes that never happens and their time seems to have been cutoff, way too short. Some just never plan. Whatever the situation is or will be, we all have one thing in common. We just do not know our own day, time and hour of our final seconds in this life. All that we truly and really have is right now, this very moment. This is where we live and where we should live. Sure, we should perspire and plan to retire, knowing full well that one day we will expire. When that day comes (whenever it is), its over! But what happened to being inspired?

Are You, am I, perspired, retired, expired or inspired? The first three words might seem like the natural order of our lives. We work and perspire to hopefully one day retire and finally, we expire. What happened to inspire, inspiration, and being inspired?

To answer this question and to become inspired, this four part blog will conclude next time.

Just Imagine,



Perspired, Retired, Expired or Inspired?

part 4 of 4

© 2008 04/1/08

By Dahni

Are You, am I, perspired, retired, expired or inspired? The first three words might seem like the natural order of our lives. We work and perspire to hopefully one day retire and finally, we expire.

What happened to inspire, inspiration, and being inspired?

To answer this question and to become inspired finally, finally this day has arrived! In fact, it should have been first and before all things. Sometimes we do have to go back in order to go forward.

Before I begin, it must be pointed out that YES, I am aware it is April 1st and many refer to this day as April Fool’s Day. Many like to play little harmless pranks on others on this day. But I certify, and guarantee, and ‘no foolin,’ this series will end today and today, we are going to get into being inspired!

Ready, set, here we go! I guess we should define our words, Inspire, Inspired, and Inspiration. This is good place for a stick up!

Inspiratiom - Sticky Note[i]

Online Etymology Dictionary

And another:

Inspire, Inspired, inspiration

a. Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.

b. The condition of being so stimulated.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Copyright © 2006 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

No matter how you wish to define our words, they imply something much greater than mere feelings. These intense feelings, thoughts, motivations or inspirations are followed by some kind of action.

We all have examples of being inspired. It is much more than some good feeling speech of lofty words, mostly forgotten when the speech has ended and we go on our merry little way. You know and I know that inspire, inspiring and inspiration is more, much more than just feel-good words. This state of being and doing can come from an infinite number of people, places, and things and at anytime.

Let’s all get this straight right now. Let us make the decision right NOW, where we go from here.

There is a parade in town. There are people watching it, people in it and someone or someone(s) leading it. Well, we are decided to be leading it or soon will be!

With all the pressures of daily life in our perspiring, to be retiring for hopefully, a long time prior to our expiring, there may seem like there is no time or energy for inspiring. I personally have been prone to, what I call, ‘being wrapped around an axle.’ Now think about that for a moment. Get the image and let it sink in.

There I am wrapped around the axle of some unknown vehicle. I have no clue where I am, where I’m going and I don’t even get to see where I’ve been. The wheels are turning, the axle is turning and so am I, over and over. I have absolutely no control over when I start, when to stop or over who or what is driving me. I don’t even know who or what is, driving me. I have no idea when I’ll start turning again, if I ever will or for how long it will be this way, the one way or the other. Pretty much all I get is dizzy, a glimpse of some pavement on my downside spinning or the same old pavement, if I’m there for long.

Yep, I have been prone to getting wrapped around the axle in thinking about stuff and doing stuff wherein I have no control.

I would get excited, concerned and sometimes worried about war, the economy, the current housing crisis, the prices of gas and everything else, scandal-lying-cheating-murder-death-rape-kidnap-steal-riot-lawsuit stuff, and a host of stuff that I cannot control. Now where do you suppose I got all these ideas? I ‘dunno, I turn on the radio, the TV, the Internet, open a newspaper, book or magazine and it is daily in my face. One day I did the strangest thing. I went outside and took a walk.

Nature has no clue of what is going on in our inside world and could probably care less. No matter what the weather people say, it’s going to be spring when spring has sprung. Despite our troubles, the birds still flew back north from their wintering in the south and there is still snow in my backyard. Didn’t they know that? Even if not, the robins are getting fat. What are they eating? The ground is still hard and I doubt there are any earthworms to be had and I’m certainly not feeding them. There is green stuff growing outside too, despite whoever is running for office or is the current president. If you think that was wild, wait until you read the next paragraph. It is shocking so I hope you are sitting down.

Despite my getting ‘wrapped around the axel’ over stuff I cannot control, the sun literally rose in the morning. And I saw it set too. WOW, IMAGINE THAT!

Does not the sun and all of nature care about what’s going on, apparently not. They do not share my concerns and anxieties over the loss of jobs in this country, the price of gas, escalating costs, war, illegal immigration, our debts, fears and worries and on and on.

Specifically, it used to bother me that many familiar brand name companies have either disappeared or have been swallowed up by other companies. It bugged me that I didn’t know and often don’t know, who owns what in this country anymore. Why just recently I discovered a startling revelation, when getting something for our cat.

I was born and raised in the state of Missouri (no not misery). There was a corporate office located in St. Louis, MO. It used to be called the Ralston Purina Company. I believe they started out making food products for animals. Later they got into people food and I recall joking about their Corn Chex, Rice Chex, Wheat Chex and Etc. Chex. I hoped that they somehow did not screw up and mix in the monkey or buffalo chow. 🙂

Well just the other day, I was reading the label of my cat’s food can and it said Nestle Purina. Oh my, are there pieces of Nestle chocolate in my cat’s food? Can my cat eat chocolate? What if she has allergies. Will new labels in the future have a disclaimer that reads: ‘Made in a facility that also processes chocolate?’ 🙂

It has got to be tough in sales, advertising and marketing and even the stock market. How can you move something you cannot possibly know enough about, because it is constantly changing hands. What do you say when people ask, “Where do you work?”

It must be embarrassing to reply with, “Do you mean last week, today, tomorrow or next week?”

Oh sure, everyone knows that businesses must diversify to stay in business and keep making a profit. They must cut costs and go to wherever they can get the cheapest labor and maintain their profit margins. OK, cool for them, but perhaps not so cool for you and I?

I read and heard on the news (so it must be true as they are not bias), our economy is based on a 70% selling ratio which means when we stop buying, our economy is in trouble. We stop buying when we get a little bent out of shape over whose running what, doing what and to whom. When we lose confidence, we slow or stop our spending. Kind of hard to spend when the costs keep going up and our income either stays the same or goes down, isn’t it? Japan faced almost exactly what we are going through right now, back in the 90’s. But Japan’s economy was more based on saving and not in spending as the US.

I am an American. I want to be proud (and I am proud), of America. I want good stuff made in America – jobs, products and services, but ‘we is as THEY say, part of the ‘global economy.’ No matter where we get it or who makes it, we still live in America and America means freedom.

Part of the America Dream is to own your own home and maybe even have your own business. But the American Dream is really freedom. This freedom is presently tied to oil and oil is in or involved with almost everything that we do or have. Oil is still the cheapest form of energy that runs the America Dream. Most of our oil comes from Canada and Mexico; not someplace else as we might think. We have our own extremely abundant and untapped reserves. So does the entire world!!! Why are we so worried about running out of oil or forcing expensive, untried, unproven and unknown alternatives upon ourselves? Maybe in 50 or 100 years other alternatives will become cost effective, but not anytime soon. Pushing for and producing bio-fuels actually uses more oil than just sticking with oil. Right now, there is still a lot of money to be made, each and every day, selling fear, guilt and misery.

So we can all just get ‘wrapped around the axel’ like I have been? I cannot change this stuff and maybe you can’t either. Or, we can take a walk outside and get INSPIRED! Nature is just going to keep doing it’s thing, just as it always has and it is really good at it. It’s really full of abundance, opportunity and possibility.

To poke our poor, pronunciation-problematic present president, nature ‘prolific-a-fies (is prolific), and ‘flourish-icates (flourishes). No, he really never said this. It was just a joke.

Well, I have found something that was truly made right here in America and it continues to be made here. It is catching fire and it’s spreading to the rest of the world. It captures the very nature of the American and entrepreneurial spirit, freedom, prosperity and opportunity. It is the current business model. It is the wave of the future and it is happening, RIGHT NOW!

It is more powerful than government or all the stuff in the current news of our world within, outside of nature.

If you can change the economic situation of individuals, you can change the world. Here is an opportunity to make peace. Would a used-to-be enemy ever attack you if you were tied to each other economically? Most probably not unless they are insane.

What is this thing more powerful than government and current problems?

What is it? Are you ready to be inspired? It is a two word answer and after you read it, promise me you will keep an open mind OK?

The simple answer is…

Network Marketing!

Ok, you read the words, now just hold on. That was the simple answer, but not the whole answer. To get the complete answer we must first shed our fears and ignorance and overall distaste for the words. Perhaps my example will turn on the light?

There are two parts to the example. First, do you own a vehicle or do you know someone that does? Let’s assume you do as do I.

1. I am a network marketer if I own a vehicle.

2. If I sell these vehicles (let’s say they are Chevrolet Motor (GM), products), I get paid. If I don’t sell them, I won’t get paid. But someone else probably will, either from my same dealership, another dealer or from a different car company. If someone needs a vehicle, someone is going to sell it to them. All of these dealers and all of these companies are part of networks. These networks market their products and services.

How am I doing so far?

Anyway, I am a network marketer for three networks. One is Chevrolet, another is Saturn and the last one is our dealer where we bought the vehicles. I carry the logo of each network on our vehicles. I work for them, I move around, I market and show many people their products, mostly each and every day. I even have their websites, addresses and phone numbers on our vehicles. The funny thing is, I hardly ever, if ever, say a word to anyone, about any of these networks. How good am I as a network marketer? Well, I must be pretty fantastic as all three networks keep letting me market their stuff. I’m pretty cheap too because, I do not and never have ever, received a dime from any of these networks. You probably don’t either.

What if we did?

‘Alrighty then’, let’s say I work for Chevrolet at our same dealer and I sell their stuff. If I sell, I get paid. If I don’t sell, I don’t get paid. If I don’t sell anything for a time, I might not have a job for long. Well, I’m working hard, learning, training, calling and meeting people all the time to sell them my stuff. It pays off and somebody comes in and I’m up to try and sell them. If I don’t sell them right then and there, the chances are great that they will not be back. This means they will probably buy their vehicle from someone else, somewhere else and maybe from a completely different network like Ford Motor Co. How come they didn’t buy it from me? Maybe it was all me, they didn’t like me, trust me, relate to me or whatever. Maybe they didn’t like my dealer network. Maybe they don’t even like Chevrolet. Maybe they can’t get a driver’s license? Shoot, the reasons could go on and on, but I didn’t get paid. What if I could, no matter where they went and from whomever they bought the vehicle? What if I could even get paid, just for showing the person that cannot get a license?

WOW, how appropriate now, for my ‘getting wrapped around the axle’ analogy! Instead of doing that, I can; you can be like nature and just not care what the customer wants, (Chevy, Ford, Saturn etc. or whatever dealership), but only that they get it through us. People love to buy, but they don’t like to be sold. I don’t like to sell, but I certainly don’t mind talking to my friends and family; acquaintances and associates or even strangers about stuff they already want and need. If I tell you about a movie I saw and you go see it, what’s wrong if I get paid for that, even if it was my own mother? We are talking about the same price or maybe even cheaper if my Mom gets her ticket from me.

We have now become product and service brokers. We find whatever people want and need and we get paid for it. We do not care if it is Microsoft or Apple, ATT, Verizon, Sprint, groceries, software or toilet paper. We don’t care where it’s made. If they want it and need it, we’ll get it for them and we’ll get paid for doing it.

Help someone else do this same thing and you have become an entrepreneur. You are making stuff move; making things happen! Help two people do this and you are a business person. Forget the big building and all the overhead of traditional business and franchise operations. Get a whole lot of tax breaks and you have now become a home based business.

Does this all seem grandiose or too simple; impossible or a scam? Well, with just two people you can generate 100’s of thousands of dollars for yourself, help many people in the process do the same, and deliver to people exactly what they want and need, when they want it and with less expense to them, make them money, and provide it all in a better way! You can continue to provide goods and services to others during famine, floods, depression, recession, inflation, deflation or whatever, it just doesn’t matter! Why, because it does not matter what people want or when, only that you can get it for them. Everyone would prefer to buy almost anything from someone they know. You are already a network and one in which there is plenty of opportunity for everyone! The point is, do we understand that and know HOW to make it work for us and others?

This is no joke or ‘April Fool’s’ prank. This is real. This is made in America and it’s reaching out all over the world. It is a system. It is patented. Some without vision and understanding are trying to copy it, but they cannot, it’s patented. People in the highest parts of society: education, business, entertainment, finance, service and so forth; all know about this and cannot believe this is happening. It is being taught to business majors. Phones are ringing off the wall from major personalities or their agents, in music, entertainment and sports. They want to be a part of this. Millions of dollars are being poured into this from nearly every major company in the world. They want to be a part of this. Google does not want to be left out and they are a part of this. It is moving into and already is in other countries and the funny thing is, this that was made in America over 15 years ago, is still unknown to most people in the USA. There is still time to find out before it covers the planet. This is truly an equal opportunity. It is fair and equitable. Your can give yourself a raise whenever you decide. You can go as far and as fast as you want. This is freedom and this is inspiring.

Ever heard of a ‘WIN-WIN?’ This is it! Businesses win because people buy their stuff. The consumer, customer, patron or the client wins, because they get what they want and need, when they want it, perhaps cheaper than from anywhere else or they get paid for buying it all in a way that is fun and that saves them money. Maybe they just might want to do this too, help others like you help them. You win, because you are making it happen. Government wins as the economy is moving. People all over the world win because it changes their economic situations. If you are the one that helps them, they win a new friend and so do you, despite their race, color, language, belief or country.

If you really want to change your life, change your economic situation. If you want to change your economics, change that of others and you will help change the world. This is more powerful than governments. This is the network of the world, the future and it is going on right now.

If you are really serious, leave a comment bleow and I will personally get in touch with you. I don’t and won’t ask for a dime from you! I want your dreams and your friendship. You provide the time and I will make this happen for you and then I will secure your income. The people I personally choose to work with should make between 100-250 thousand dollars their first year and 327 – 500 thousand their second. Your sky is your limit. Make it a high sky. I don’t care if you think you can do this or not, I know I can. If not you, maybe someone you know. Either way, it can still be worth thousands of dollars to you. I know that money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy the freedom for you to figure out, whatever it is that makes you happy.

Are You, am I, inspired? If we are, why not carry it through all of the time in which we are perspired and retired until the time we are expired? Whatever has inspired us and keeps us inspired is, what makes possible, a long-lived, fruitful and prosperous perspiring, retiring and expiring. Being inspired is the natural order of our lives.

What do you really want? Answer that and you will find that which will keep you inspired. My question for you is, would you like for me to make that happen for you? It’s up to you and you know what to do, leave a comment here or send an email to: on the subject line, key in the word: ‘Inspired.’ Make me prove it to you!

What happened to perspired, retired and being expired? They were swallowed up, absorbed, assimilated, made to prosper and all secured by being INSPIRED! Inspiration is like breathing. It is action. It is in-spirit action or in-breathing action. I have it am and willing to give it to you. I do not care if you believe me, trust or even like me. I care that you dare to let me show you!

Just Imagine,


[i] The sum and substanceof this definition is taken directly from the Online Etymology Dictionary. I added the Gr. Word pneuma(spirit) which is the actual word used in the Bible. -dahni


  1. […] Inspired Posted by: dahni | April 1, 2008 […]

  2. I do want to say that I really appreciate your Christian ideologies and how you have presented them.

  3. I do want to say that I really appreciate your Christian ideologies and how you have presented them.

  4. Respecting the dedication you put into your site and detailed insight you present here. It’s pleasing to come across a blog in a rare occasion that is not all the same out of date rehashed information. Excellent job! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your site link to my Favorites today.

  5. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. I really thank you for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the web, someone with a little originality. Useful job for bringing something new to the internet!

  6. You are so cool. Love all you have written and will be following you.

  7. Thank you your comment has been posted.

  8. You are my very first reply and thank-you — I believe I followed you — but I have not figured out where it shows who I am following yet. I will figure it out. You are a sweetheart. No — you are the cool one!

  9. Just recently, I found myself inspired by a very wise and open person. The lines of communication were open and the signal that we never see but always feel turned green. I threw open the window to my soul. The sun poured in and the air felt good. Precious memories were set free like butterflies on a breath of air. Wonder filled my heart and I sat just basking in the great feeling of freedom. This is what I needed for quite some time. But no one was equipped to help me. In fact, not one person in my life could pick that lock. And then as it happens, the blink of an eye, the opening of a web page, the reading of a passage, all conspired to reveal to me the only person left in this world willing and able to listen. Listen and share. Openly and honestly. I can only thank God I opened the page, I can only be grateful I actually read and decided to respond. I can only turn around and with my new found freedom and energy, do the same for the next person that approaches me. It is so wonderful how we are set here to help each other. At exactly the right time, right place and with the right tools.

  10. Dear Linda,

    Thanks for your touching comment above.


    By Dahni © 2012 all rights reserved

    When life squeezes beyond measure
    and pains swallow up every pleasure,
    When troubles, turmoil, trauma, terror, and tears times time surround
    and frights and fears astound
    We gather –

    Hold hands a little stronger
    Kiss a little longer
    Til’ the burdens pass or are just a little lighter
    We squeeze each other, just a little tighter.

  11. I love your poetry. I also admire your paintings and photos. Any plans on a book of your poetry / thoughts
    in the future?

  12. Dear Linda,

    Thank you for your comment. You can check out for what I have available or am working on.


  13. Thank you for following Daytrippers, Dahni. I’ll have to come back later and settle in for more of a read. CC

  14. I’m really inspired along with your writing skills and
    also with the layout in your blog. Is this a paid subject
    or did you modify it yourself? Anyway keep up the excellent high quality writing, it
    is rare to peer a nice blog like this one these days..

  15. Dear Nataly,

    I appreciate your comments. In answer to your question, no it is not a paid subject, just something I developed and wanted to share.



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