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September 12, 2014, HAPPY NEW YEAR ME



Well, first off some explanation, for the title of this post and the sub-title of “…Happy New Year Me” is, certainly due. The original title for this post was: The Purest Thing I Know. What’s going on? In a word, ‘”Churning!”

Churning seems more appropriate, because this is what has been going on with me for quite some time. Yes, I have been “churning” many things over and over in my mind, for quite some time. Before I continue, I must address and associate with the post, posted yesterday, September 11th. It was a very long post yesterday, almost 10,000 words. WOW, that’s about 1/6th to 1/8th of the length for an average mystery novel or about 1/10th of  an average 100,000 word ‘thriller!’ Who has time to read that? Who had time to write it? Probably not me. But it was about the real birth of Jesus Christ and how most of us don’t know, believe or care about that and have associated 9/11 with something entirely different.

But for me, for some time, I have been very upset about not being told the truth or changing the truth by something as simple as adding a word, changing a word or deleting a word. This process ends with, it always ends with, something entirely different than how it began. I have grown tired of people criticizing things that they do not believe, but have no knowledge of what they are talking about. This applies to Christians and all other non-Christians. I have grown very tired of either remaining silent if I know something or being dragged into an argument and into the defense mode. And I am sick and tired of people that do not know what they are talking about, but put others down with ridicule, cruelty and filthy language because, they believe they have the right to and cannot reasonably and civilly discuss anything that they do not agree with. What kind of people call others racists and other cruel things? People that themselves are racist and cruel, and believe he or she that yells and spews the loudest and longest win at the expensive of everyone else that does not agree with them. To not agree or to not agree to disagree, I must be a loser and worthless? Yes, I am sick of all that. I’ve been churning. Why have I even allowed myself to ever be in those situations in the first place? I know better. I have been taught better, but I get sucked in because, I really do care about others, other than myself!

So I came to the conclusion (finally) that none of this is either my job or responsibility. I know what a witness is. You know what a witness is! Perhaps you have been called as a witness, for either the prosecution or the defense of some court case? As a witness, it is not my place or responsibility to prosecute the case or defend it. It is not my job or responsibility as a juror or a judge. As a witness, it is my ONLY job and my only responsibility to speak the truth of what I have first-hand knowledge of! I am not responsible for how it is received or what anyone does with what I say. Churning. So I churned this all over yesterday. Today, I am churning.

Besides churning over yesterday and today, I don’t want to just churn a little here and there once in awhile and end up with spoiled-bacteria ridden-undrinkable-unusable, what used to be milk, I want to churn and make butter!Churning2

So I got my job and responsibility in order and in balance. What else do I need to do? How can I churn and make butter?

I say here now that I am a Christian. I make no apology for this nor do I boast of it. How can I be proud of this when I have done nothing, but accept it as a gift? For me, my appetite has been satiated. My emptiness has been filled. My questions have all been answered to  my satisfaction. I accept nothing by faith or on faith. I can put together what I believe, where it comes from and why? I can show anyone that wants to know. I know because, I have worked the Word and the words of what I profess to believe. But churning.

I am not perfect. I am more aware of my faults and failures, weaknesses and imperfections than anyone else, ever could!

I believe that all of God’s people make up the Family of God or the Church of God, In Judaism today, after Solomon the son of David built the first of several temples, this is where the people of God went to where God was believed to dwell. Before this, there was the tabernacle, a temporary tent-dwelling with the ark of the covenant, containing the holy of holies or the presence of God. There is no tent, temple, cathedral or church big enough, for God to dwell in! There never was. It always was and is His intention to dwell within each of his people. I believe that God is in me to will and do of His good pleasure. I believe this is always contingent upon my allowing Him to work in me. It is always my choice. But if I chose poorly, I believe that even if I make my bed in hell, He is always with me and will never leave me!

As a figure, I am not like the temple of God, but more like a tabernacle. Each of God’s people are like tabernacles. Churning.

So besides my job and responsibility of being a witness, I have this treasure in an earthen vessel. Churning, I have come to recognize that this tabernacle (me) where God dwells, well, kind of sucks! I say I know and believe. I speak the truth when there is a door opened to me to speak. But how do I live? What is the fruit of my life? What is the quality or lack thereof of the fruit of the life that lives in me? Churning. Quite frankly, I see some hypocrisy in me. My tabernacle kind of sucks. I have not just a challenge, but many and well, it has been overwhelming! But I believe my God provides hope when it seems hopeless and has a way when it appears to be, no way!

Churning3I know what needs to be done and how to get it done. I have a job and God has His in me and my life. Without getting into all the details, let it suffice to say that if you are willing to think good thoughts about me and/or to pray for me, I would gladly and gratefully accept! I may already be praying for you and if you asked me to, I would. I believe the prayer(s) of a righteous man or woman avails much. Neither you nor I have ever done or could ever do anything that would ever make us righteous. You are righteous and I am righteous because, God made us righteous! Pray and pray perfectly for yourself, for others and for me. Churning. I want to become like butter.

Yesterday was, September 11th and I believe this was the true date of the birth of Jesus Christ or Tishri 1 in 3 B.C. which was, September 11. It was the beginning of the New Year and in essence, New Year’s Day. I did not want to take away from yesterday. Yesterday was his day. Today, in a sense, is my New Year’s Day, a new beginning for me.

My original tile for this post was, ‘The Purest Thing I Know.’

Surely all of us seek the most pure of that which we want and desire. I do.

When we think of purity, images of pristine glacial waters may come to mind. Maybe it is clouds and the pure air we all desire. Maybe it is just to consume pure food. Maybe most of us would be wholly satisfied if the air we breathed, the water we drank and the food we ate were all pure. Perhaps then, we would or could live forever or at least for a very long time with healthy bodies, souls and spirits. For others, maybe it is the innocence of children. It could involve metals unmixed as pure gold or pure silver. It could involve science or the arts as sound unmixed or pure music.

Romantics will think of pure love which many can relate to and equate with, “first love.” Often when the first love ends for whatever reasons, we spend a lot of time and perhaps, even a lifetime for its “pure” replacement.

Pure thought, pure truth, pure devotion and pure consciousness would engage and titillate the minds of those that aim towards philosophy, meditation, religion, songwriting, music composition, poetry, creative (expressive) writing, singing and dancing, comedy, public speaking and performing and I suppose, any complete list is not possible, as it would be only confined to the boundaries and limits of the imagination. Surely the imagination is, unlimited?

But we all seek whatever it is that is important to us and whatever it is we view as pure. We all desire to be as pure as possible, unmixed, untainted, undiluted and un-watered-down. We seek it. If we seem to find it from afar, we want to be closer and then close to it. We want to envelop; encapsulate, and enclose it. We want to submerge ourselves totally within it. We want to become the essence and the very accepted definition of, pure.

But there must be stumbling blocks that we thought were stepping stone in seeking what is pure. How could we, with such imperfect and impure bodies, and souls ever attain anything pure? This all seems like chasing elusive butterflies or carrots on a stick. Is the pure even within our reach? Why would we even seek it if, it were not available?

But, the purest thing I know may only be important to me. This post is first-person. It is about me, but perhaps it will mean something to you as well?

I am most blessed with many things. I love and I am loved. I love my wife, my soul mate, my best friend!

The purest thing I know is, God’s Word. He magnified His Word above His name. He didn’t just set it above his name, He magnified it! His name represents all of his creation and this includes, his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. These words are from, Psalm 138.2b. It used to be my most favorite scripture. I had it engraved in gold on a Bible I still have. Part of a scripture that used to be my number two favorite was  –


“…I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfill all my will.” 

Acts 13:22b King James Version (KJV)


I marveled the first time, I ever read these two verses! To think of all of God’s incredible and wonderful creation and that God magnified His word above all that, caused the hairs to stand up on my arms, my body to quiver and my eyes to become so wide as if, they were about to pop. To think of all the screwed up stuff David did in his life and yet God, still called him a man after His heart. This made me internally leap for joy, and hope and desire, that this is what I wanted to become and to have others think of me and for God to think of me!

Those two verses need to become, my favorites again!!

For me, I may think some things are possible. For me, some things or all things are not possible without God. Turn that around and you will find it written that, “with God, all things are possible.”

I say I know Him and believe in Him. Saying and doing are not supposed to be separate. The whole purpose of education (Latin ēducātus – to lead out) is, action. I have read the Bible many times and have referred to a concordance many times. But I have never found a single scripture that tells me or anyone to accept anything by faith! That would violate the laws of language, as it is impossible to articulate in words or to take any action, without understanding. But I have seen many, many references, where God says to, “prove” Him, to prove His word to myself. He has His job and responsibility and I have mine. If I will do my part, He will do, his part –


“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,”

 Ephesians 3:20 (KJV)


For me, His word is the purest thing that I know! I have much need, most probably beyond my capacity to meet, by my own accord. From time to time, I may share more specifics about any and all of this as things progress, and I can witness to the signs miracles and wonders, He works in my life. I may share some details with a few, whose support I need. But if you know me, you should expect to see change, great change or if I cannot or will not believe to receive, God help my unbelief!

I will not be writing, posting, social media-ing as much or as often. I cannot afford it! This is what it is and how it must be with me, for an indeterminate, amount of time.

I have a plan in process. These have been broken down into three parts:


  1. Litty-bitties (little bits) tiny things I can do daily and accomplish
  2. Littles (little things) small things I can do daily
  3. Longs (long time in process) things to work on each day that require a lot of time and effort


These I plan to do daily, weekly and only a month at a time (that’s about all I can handle or plan for right now). In so doing, 1-3 above, will result in LOTS (lots of things being accomplished and in progress. All of these added together=LOTS! 🙂

Churning. I want to become like butter!



So –


September 12, 2014, HAPPY NEW YEAR ME!



Just I-Magine,


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